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Philly Summer 2017 Guitar Show


Not a lot of pics but there were some more nice ones there. Sorry Dave, didn't see any vintage Gretsch acoustic arch tops.


Thanks for lookin' Baba Joe. That '62 Gent sure has an optimistic price tag!


. Case candy for '53 Scripty Jet


. Very enthusiastic owner of this '54 Club and '59 projectosonic. Nice guy.


That champagne 62 is sweet. Did you bring your Monkees to try to sell?


It was kind of funny how much the guy with Club above wanted to talk with Metman and me and yet someone walking around selling a 5420 modded like an Eddie Cochran seemed to not want to show it to us. Maybe he thought we worked for Gretsch because of our "coordinated" Gretsch tee shirts.


That champagne 62 is sweet. Did you bring your Monkees to try to sell?

– NJBob

No. I couldn't be bothered and figured most people, other than dealers who would just want to chop me, wouldn't have the cash on them.

If it sells, it sells. If it doesn't, I'm not losing any sleep. Just thought I'd give it a try to make room.

The '62 is sweet. I forget the price - South Side in NYC. Cbell did his fair share of business with them.


Hey Baba Joe- You took more pictures than I thought- cool ! Was great hanging out with you and walking the show. Thanks for taking the pic with the mando-bass- too funny.
I seriously thought the guy with the Club was someone you knew, or a forum member I hadn't met before. The guy walked out of his booth to grab me and show us the guitar and documentation.. Yes, our "coordinated" wardrobe was pretty funny. One guy actually asked us if we worked for Gretsch. I'm still bummed I missed that deal on the Strat (by minutes!!) Agh...


Yeah, I thought I'd leave it to you to mention that strat - 1 booth/5 minutes away. Just wasn't meant to be. At least your buddy walked away with a nice deal. Good time though.


Thanks for all your photos, Joe! Sorry I couldn't be there!


You were missed Dan. Fortunately for me there was no must have moment. Seeing how close it was for Metman is another story. Oh well, I'm sure we'll see you there in November. We need you for the better pics!


Thanks for the pics Joe,that blonde Club is rather lovely!

As is that Rickenbacker 1993 behind the 62 Jet.


The blonde Country Club was pretty, but overpriced (like seemingly everything else!)

The red one next to it was a refin (obviously) and priced at $2600 on Saturday.

I didn't feel the need to go back on Sunday - I usually go both days.


Yeah, JC and Jeff, that Club was nice. I think he said the pickups were modified and also talked about mods to the other one.

Also, JC, that South Side Guitars in Brooklyn, NY has a lot of nice guitars. Senojnad and I were with Cbell at one of these shows and noticed that he was on a first name basis with them. Apparently Rocky wasn't the only one to do well with him.

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