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Philly Guitar Show – Photos (Nov. 11, 2017)


This was one of the better shows I’ve attended in recent years. It was BIG – vendor exhibits filled the floor space in the hall. Other recent shows have occupied considerably less space (notably the summer shows).

As usual, Gibson represented more than half of the display pieces – perhaps 2/3 (???). But there were a LOT of very interesting and attractive examples of all kinds of brand names. Gretsch was well represented, probably better than I recall from other recent shows.

Attendance was way up no doubt making the exhibitors and sponsors very happy. Saturday shows start at 10:00AM – I typically plan to arrive around 10:15-ish and rarely find anything resembling a line…. Yesterday I arrived at 10:30 and found a VERY LONG line – took about 20-25 minutes to get in.

Apologies in advance for the one-post-at-a –time approach here. I have been delinquent in my quest to find a replacement for Photobucket.

Also -- hats off to metman for his great photos! Some of mine are of the same guitars.

GRETSCH Examples –

First up – a 1961 6120 selling for $7,499 (See photo above. I could not get it placed here..... Tried several times.)


Next a very nice looking 1957 6120 offered by Rivington Guitars (NYC) for $7,999


Also from Rivington Guitars, a very nice 6128 Black Duo Jet, 1959 vintage, at $5,995…..


Another Duo Jet from 1957 offered by Division St. Guitars for $5,000. This one showed s LOT more wear – dings, chips, etc.


Next – according to the vendor – a “very rare” (there’s that word again……) 1957 Clipper. It struck as odd that it had a Hi-Lo pickup which I don’t think was invented until the early 1960’s……. Also it had a thin (2 inches) body, more typical of early-mid ‘60’s guitars. SO… I’m not really sure what it was. I could not read the label – the serial and model numbers were too faded for my vintage eyes.

The vendor had obviously noticed my GRETSCH t-shirt (pretty hard to miss). He confided that he could probably let a True Gretsch Lover (TGL) have this “rare” bird for $800. (I assumed that he hoped to get about $425 for it……)


From Cream City Music – a very beautiful 1956 6131 Duo Jet which was clearly marked as a refinished guitar (Cream City guys always have class). The refinish work was BEAUTIFULLY done. Priced at $4,499…….


A 1972 Super Chet for $3,250……


A 1981 Gibson Chet for $4,500….


A very nice BLACK 6120 FROM 1966…..


This one was listed at $5,300


This one can be yours for just $150,000….. a 1958 White Penguin.


For its age, this guitar looked to be in extraordinary condition. Offered by Abalone Vintage, Columbia, SC…..

Color differences due to flash on camera.... sorry 'bout that....


Also from Abalone Vintage, another ’58 Penguin (according to the vendor) for $100,000. This one clearly had a lot more wear…….


Interesting that the two 1958 examples had different pickups. I have not been able to determine if this would indicate two different years. Reading Ed Ball’s “…Manual of Gretsch Guitars – 1950’s” (pg. 81) one might conclude that the previous guitar with Dynas may have been from 1956 or 57… (Ed -- Where are you...?)


A very nice looking Electromatic – no indication of the year of origin, but it looked to be in near-mint condition ($575).


For those who enjoy reliced instruments, here is an upright bass – seriously reliced…..


Ampeg Amp lovers – here is a “one of a kind” (is that the same as “RARE”??) 770 model from 1947, also from Abalone Vintage (price not shown).


An interesting VINTAGE Gibson (not for sale):


Finally – in recognition of Ric12string’s recent thread seeking out accordion players…….


You have "vintage eyes"? Oooooh. Those must be "rare" then.

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