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Old member returned from the beyond…


I was a member here several years back but had some problems with arthritis (still working on it) and some personal BS that strikes us all from time to time. Ended up selling my Gretsch and getting out of playing for a bit.

NOW, that everything is getting back on the good side of life, I'm thinking of picking up anew one and a Bassman and having some #$%damn fun again!

Hope to talk to you all!


You again?

Welcome back. Get a rig and start playing! It's good to keep the joints moving.


Welcome back, Nick!


Welcome back...I can relate to the arthritis issue. Get yourself a new rig and start wailin' away...


thanx all! Yeah, I gotta get my ass in gear and start playing again. I don't think I've played for 3 hrs added together over the last 3 years. @#$ has sucked.

but, that is in the past!


Welcome back. Getting back into guitar playing can help improve one's enjoyment of life........


Playing guitar keeps me sane. Just yesterday a 1/2 hour of loud 6120 made me feel much better after a few days of crap. Playing not stupidly loud, but loud enough to feel it seems to make the difference. When you can feel the guitar interacting with the amp it's loud enough.

I have some arthritis, especially in my right index finger, the last joint. I'm sure that years of playing guitar and getting my finger stuck in things haven't helped. Getting my finger smashed between two limestone blocks so hard that I lost the nail sure didn't help! So playing can hurt sometimes but I suspect it also helps keep my joints limber. Holding a pick twists my finger tip a little and that causes some pain sometimes but it ain't gonna stop me!

I don't know you Nick, but play it loud and play it proud. It can only help.

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