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offset player gets dream guitar(kinda)


Hey all, I'm a regular over at OSG, but since I was 13(20 yes) I've wanted a gretsch. I had a huge "history of electric guitar" book and it had a picture of the prettiest guitar I'd ever seen. It was a '63 Princess. Well, finally got a chance to buy one... Well, not really. Its a 5135 someone refinished. But I will be putting it as close to princess specs as possible, including swapping the TV Jones the PO dropped in for hilo's and proper pickguard. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx....


I will be selling/trading all the aftermarket hardware the previous owner added once the guitar comes in the post. Gold jewel "G" knobs Modified "G" tailpiece Banjo armrest TV Jones filtertrons Gold imperial tuners Possibly the roller bridge if I can find the proper bar bridge.


Congratulations! These guitar sound amazing and play great.


Nice. Can you post up some pics and add it to the database. Always cool to get the one you've always wanted.


Fritz, is it the same guitar or did you just refinish yours too? Edit: just realized its different. The headstock on yours is painted. Mine is still black.

Superdave. Will add to database once it arrives.


This is a guitar my wife won at a Roundup a few years ago. According to Joe Carducci it's one of one made in this color scheme (modern era, not vintage).


Anyone know where to buy G6286 Corvette Case? Can't find them online

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