Meet & Greet

Not to be so presumptuous…


Nice, Suprdave! Hugs and peace back at ya!


Right back atcha, Dave (and Karolyn). Roundup withdrawal sucks. Miss everyone, too!


Howdy and a big ole Hug right back at ya Dave! It was cool to see you and and hear your voice, thanks for the shout out!


Howdy, Hoosier buddy!

It's always nice to put a face to a name, and a voice.


There are a lot of things trying to separate us in this hard time when we’re already physically separated. Thanks for spreading a little love and positivity Dave!


Thanks Dave! What a champion! Made my morning. Great timbre and cool accent!


Back atcha. What Twom said.


Nice work and good thoughts, Dave!

I'll have to figure out if I can do videos...... My technical skills are somewhere between pathetic and embarrassing.................


Suprdave you've always been here for this site. Hats off , Sir!


Dave, I miss you, Karolyn and all the other usual suspects. Had a good time at Curts barn event today and that just reminded us more of Hachland and all the great times.


DAVE! You are Super!

Man, I can't wait to see you, and everyone else again.

Curt's was great yesterday, indeed, but it also reminded us of the people we miss, and that only makes me want for this time to be over so we can get back to some degree of normalcy.


Was that a challenge to motivate others to video a Howdy, Dave?


Thanks Suprdave! Good to see and hear you! Miss you!


Hey folks! I really wasn't looking for my 15 minutes of fame. I'll bet it was a blast at Curt's, yesterday. Damn sad I couldn't be there. I can just imagine the sounds and familiar voices that were present. That was part of my motivation to do this. I was just missing you fellers and ladies and was kind of hoping for a short little howdy from some of you but as the title prescribes, it isn't necessary. I actually sat in some of my slow Saturday work time to open up my youtube channel and just listen to you folks through captured moments at the roundups.

Man am I getting nostalgic in my upper years here, or what? I am blessed and I have many good friends and a couple of best friends. Most of the folks I've met here I consider some of my best friends. So I hope I wasn't coming across that way.

Much Love to all of you.


Dear Dave, I noted your request for a video. How about we go "a step beyond." I could set up a zoom meetup for us; those who have the skill and inclination could all join in. To allow all of us from Across the Universe, it probably would be best around 3 p.m. or so ET. Anyone interested in that? And, yes, Dave, we do so miss you and Karolyn and your hugs. Please save a few for me. Any Road Will Get You There, Olivia Anne


I'd love to Zoom but through the week I work and some Saturday's, as you can see, as do others, I'm sure. I just thought this would be a cool way for us to say Hi to each other. No worries. Best to all of yun's.


Hey Dave! I was really happy to watch your video. I feel like I know you now!


Most excellent greeting sir! Now, if only I were nearly as photogenic, I'd consider doing the same.


Most excellent greeting sir! Now, if only I were nearly as photogenic, I'd consider doing the same.

– General_Lee

Oh you are TOO kind.


I had my account suit on doing sales tax so excuse the dressed up look.


Thanks so much Curt. Great to see your face and hear your voice again. Love the Accountant suit.

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