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Lightning Rod by Jerry Reed - My cover on video


Hi Guys,

Took me forever and a day to get this one nailed to where it was as good as I was going to get it. It's ok playing live if you make a few fluffs but if it's going to be on video then it has to be as good as it gets I think. I won't kid you guys, I tried dozens of times to get this right and it never got there. Then tonight I set up the video and did it in the first take. Practice certainly does make perfect it seems and so was happy to get this down and on video.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I didn't enjoy the endless takes to get it lol. I'm using my McDaniels custom made nylon which is a pleasure to play and made right here in So Cal. FYI I kept the resolution low to give it a better chance of playing without stalling which I noticed happened at higher resolutions. You can certainly try upping the resolution at your end if it works :)


Exceptional as usual Paul!!! With the exception of Jerry himself, I put your version on YouTube to the top of the list of those playing this blindingly fast tune......and BTW, Jerry isn't very far in front of you!


How the heck did you learn that tune?!?

Mind boggling, Taffy.


Does anyone want to buy a bunch of guitars? I'm done.

That was very cool.


Great stuff...

btw, YouTube has "Jerry's Breakdown" from 1975 with Chet and Jerry. I think Chet is playing the Super Chet like the one you just acquired.


This was always my most unfavorite tune of Reed's up until now. You have somehow found what everyone else, in my opinion, has been missing. Near perfect timing. That is the key. Superbly done, Sir.


The 'dozens of times' you tried it were worth it Paul, very well done - and no doubt the workout you got from the dozens of times played their part in getting it into your fingers in any case.

I love the look (and of course the sound) of the guitar too.

Great stuff :)


SON!! I can see Jerry grinning. Congratulations Paul that had to be tough to get recorded. I know how the "red light" stress affects the simple stuff I do.


Wow that was a knockout Paul. Just brilliant playing. It made my day!


Hey guys, thank you all for the positive feedback. I appreciate you all taking the time to respond too


How the heck did you learn that tune?!?

Mind boggling, Taffy.

– geoguy

My thought exactly! Hoooooo--wheeeee!


Well, I'll just go burn my guitars now, wow was that just great Paul, I sit in awe!


WOW! That was more than great!


Paul, that was the best rendition of "Lightnin' Rod" of anyone except Jerry himself. Could you recommend a source for an "accurate" tab for this tune? I ain't sayin' I'll ever git'er down, but I just gotta try enny way!! Already waitin' for another one from ya!!! Steve


Thanks again everyone, Steve I don't use tabs I work it out myself as I find most unreliable and frequently wrong. Try using software to slow the track down as I do and just take it one riff/bar at a time. There's a regular pattern to the riffs played but a lot of variations on that pattern. Learning those and at speed is the tricky bit. Let me know how it goes :)

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