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NJ Roundup Thoughts?


Looking at the late spring of 2020 and wondering what the interest level might be. The location would be my neighbors barn which also has an airB&B. My thinking is the roundup venues have reached saturation so why add another location? This would be another one and done thing not an ongoing event.



Here's the location from the schoolhouse.


I'm thinking if this happens next year we could all make the inaugural crossing at the new intersection, it would be like Washington crossing the Delaware.


I'd come out, if it's a weekend I'm free.


Man I'd love to but not sure I can pull it off.


I'm up for it. Spring 2020? Sure.

( I'd even be up for it this summer.)


The airbnb is a deal. $25/pp/night for 6 people.

You know I’m up for whenever.


It would be great to attend another NJ Round Up. I would definitely try to be there but there is no way I can see that far ahead now.....


Oh yeah.

Let’s do this summer or fall if possible.

Why delay Joy?


Can’t do it this year, too many plates in the air, unless someone wants to organize it. I’d hook up the barn and turn it over.


Would love to join, Curt. Great idea!


I think this would be great!


I'm ALWAYS in, provided I get a date on the calendar before the wife does!

I really appreciate the roundups, the getting together IN PERSON. It has definitely enriched my experience as a member here.


Great idea Curt and I'm in. I've never been to a roundup but the Grumpfests have been given me a good feeling of what they might be like.


---> Maybe IDEA Maybe <---

.... we do a NJ/Philly Fall Roundup around mid-late October


  1. (Usually) great weather
  2. Summer vacations are over, so there are fewer excuses to be out of town
  3. Post-Nashville "buzz" still at Very Detectable Levels /Need for Further Joy Apparent
  4. The Easting of Joe "Traveling" Carducci's Summer Schedule (?)

Cons ?


It sounds good, I’ll talk with Joe in Nashville and see what we can do in 2020.

The only issue would be fall weddings at the barn.


If it's Columbus Day weekend, I won't be able to make it, I have an annual vacation trip with the dog... tradition.

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