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New to the board does this look legit?


Hey all new here. Got the gretsch bug and looking at a billy bo. Does this look legit to you guys? What concerns me is the way the serial number looks and the color difference between it and the Billy bo signature. Serial number seems like a legit number but something seems off. Thoughts? Seller has original tail piece as well


Welcome to all things Gretsch! The expert crowd will be chiming in soon and giving you all the info you need.


Color sucks on computers and depending on the lighting ...etc.

That looks 100% legit except the bridge, which is nice. Very nice.


It looks fine to me, but there are others with far more expertise than I. You came to the right place to find out.


Thanks suprdave and slim, I was concerned about the dot matrix looking serial number but I found a couple more that look similar but not as bad..must've been low on ink? Anyone else?


Looks like one of those horrific 'Compton' bridges. Wonder if the seller is a member of the 'other' forum?


Hello, jkj1000, welcome to the GDP! Looks like a Legit Billy Bo to me too. I've seen one of the original ones in the Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum (MIM). Looks like it sold, did you buy it?


Thanks for the help guys! Yep Wade on its way to Seattle. Can't wait to get it.

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