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I've been playing 47 years, and I have my first Gretsch inbound next week. I ordered a G5622T in Vintage Orange. (Currently have a Gibson Custom Shop ES-339, PRS Custom 22, and a Tele and Strat) Really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately our drummer is on vacation next week, so the first time with the band will be 12/9. Any advice in general, and more specifically, where/which case can I get for this? Thanks!


Welcome to all things Gretsch, Steve! Nice guitar to start your Gretsch collecting. I'm curious as to why now to get yourself a Gretsch, I mean after all these years not having one?

Pics when it arrives. Others will chime in as to exactly what case your need to order for that beauty.


Hello Steve, welcome aboard The Gretsch Discussion Pages! I'm glad you finally got a Gretsch guitar, and found your way to our hideout.

Those are great guitars, I have the G5422TG. It's one of the full hollow body versions of that line. The case you'll need is this one Link to G6241. They're on sale right now, at Musicians Friend, for $20 off the regular price. I believe that Sweetwater and Guitar Center also have them on sale for the same price ($159). They're a bit more pricey than a budget case, but well worth the investment.

They're beautiful deluxe hard shell cases, with a plush dark maroon interior, and a spacious accessory compartments. They perfectly fit 16" wide Gretsch Archtop guitars, and have a classy metal plaque on the upper edge, forward of the handle, with "Gretsch" etched into it. Swivel the arm of the Bigsby down, pointing towards the tail of the guitar, before putting the guitar into the case, so that the Bigsby isn't depressed while the guitar is inside the case.

PS : We all live for pictures here on the GDP!


Welcome Steve!


Welcome Steve. From one newbie to another.


Welcome to the club! My advice is to play it for awhile (they usually don’t need much setup) and when you need advice on modifying, don’t hesitate to ask. Between us all, we have seen it all and are anxious to help.


Well some say it takes some getting used to after decades of solid body guitars. But still they're worth the effort.


Welcome and congrats. The mantra here is pics or it didn’t happen. Looking forward to seeing it. Please also list it in the registry.


Welcome aboard Steve!

Congrats on the new geet sir!


Welcome aboard Steve. An archtop is a unique bird, first time using in a band situation is a learning experience but one worth the effort. Good luck!

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