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New member of the Gretsch owners club


Hello, I've assimilated into the bass world because I discovered how much fun it is. I originally owned an old Ibanez medium scale that I got trading an ovation for aswell as an amp that came with it. I now have a jet junior II and LOVE it. Took me awhile to find my weapon of choice and this shortscaled power puncher is definitely it. I hope to learn more about it and maybe what mods are worth applying if any.


Pic's, or it didn't happen. (winky)

Congrats and welcome to the GDP.


Welcome aboard!


Welcome! So glad you're here. Olivia Anne


welcome! the world of bass too. It's a fun instrument for sure :)


From one Higgy to another ,welcome aboard sir!


Welcome to the community, I'm glad you found a cool weapon!

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