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New Member Merry Christmas!


Greetings and Merry Christmas!

Thought I'd give myself a little X-mas present and finally sign up here! I hear it's a pretty good place for Gretsch junkies like myself.

4 guitars and a couple drum kits:

  • '99 Nashville 6120-60
  • '99 Silver Jet 6129T-57
  • '78/79 Chet Atkins Super Axe 7681 (aka a "High Roller" - hence my screen name)
  • '12 Rancher Jumbo 5022CE
  • '06 Catalina Maple Drumset
  • '07 Catalina Club Jazz Drumset

Looking forward to some fun Gretsch talk and good times! Happy Holidays!


Welcome to the 'family'! :P


Welcome aboard and Merry Christmas! Nice collection you have there!

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