Meet & Greet

NEW MEMBER HERE !!!!! I just won a Gretsch?!?


Could there be a better start than have the first guitar lessons by Joe Carducci.He shows her to rock


Welcome and congrats! Make the most out of it.


Welcome aboard the site, Gina and congratulations on your beautiful guitar.


Congratulations, Gina !

that Joe Carducci is a great guy. we think a lot of him.


It's so great to see your enthusiasm! So many kids just want to learn how to DJ and miss out on the magic of truly making music. Congrats and enjoy that beautiful new guitar!


Gina in action at the Roundup


"Uncle Joe" showed me how to Rock´N´Roll


Congratulations on winning that great guitar Gina!

I bet you have as much talent for playing it as you have talent for drawing, I enjoyed having a look through your work!


Congratulations Gina. I hope you can find some other musician friends to play with; maybe start a band and grow together. Listen to music that inspires you and makes you want to play, find the music that's inside you and have fun on the great journey.


Hello Gina and welcome. You have been Roundup Queen already so you know many of us.

I of course wanted to win that beautiful black guitar. If you don't need it anymore then you can give it to me. Don't let your dad touch the new guitar: he will write his name on it and brand it with a hot iron!

It was good to see you again at a Gretsch event. With a Gretsch guitar, you are 200% one of us! Congratulations!


Welcome and Congratulations, Gina!


Cool Gina, Uncle Joe did good work, you just play better than me.


Congratulations again! Yes, It's very cool that you won that Gretsch. They should be won by the young ones so at least there will be another generation playing these guitars! So, that's perfect! And welcome to the forum!


Hey this is very cool! wooohoooo!

Tell your Dad that your guitar is off limits, he's got his own:)


Very cool! Welcome to our addiction of all things Gretsch. Joe is already kicking you off in the right direction and I'm sure your Father will get you the rest of the way there. Congrats and welcome aboard!


This is awesome! Congratulations Ginta! You realize your first guitar is an amazing musical instrument, right? Most people's first guitars are barely playable. You skipped that and went right to the top.

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