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NEW MEMBER HERE !!!!! I just won a Gretsch?!?


Hi, everyone, I´m Gina. As I won a Gretsch at the Euro Roundup yesterday, my dad, Voodooholly, thought that it would be adequate if I joined The Gretsch Pages, so here I am! You might wonder what I will do with the Gretsch now. Well, of course I want to learn how to play it now! And I already have a certain person in mind that could teach me I hope I won´t annoy you too much with my superficial knowledge about guitars. I´m looking forward to interacting with all those nice people on here and hope that we´ll get along well!


Hi little girl and welcome to the world of GreTscH. Now are 2 Gretschified persons in the house

I´ll say it like Darth Vader:

GINTA; I`m your father


Well done and welcome aboard.


Hi little girl and welcome to the world of GreTscH. Now are 2 Gretschified persons in the house

I´ll say it like Darth Vader:

GINTA; I`m your father


Oops, I forgot to check in with my own account on the PC.I'm getting old : (


Welcome, Gina! Have fun with that new guitar!


Welcome to you, Gina!

It's good to see the interest in playing music - and the Gretsch virus - being passed to the next generation. Dinah Gretsch - wife of Fred, the president of Gretsch Enterprises - has a great interest in music education, and I'm sure she'll be pleased to see this.

As you learn, I think you should post videos of your progress!


Welcome and congratulations!!!!!!! Your dad is awesome!


Welcome Gina! Congratulations with your new Gretsch. It was nice to see you again, and I liked your drawings in your sketchbook very much. You are very talented, keep it up! I will wear the T-shirt with your design often. I hope you have fun here on the GDP.


Welcome, Gina! I was given a guitar at your age, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I have these friends here, to prove that point!


Howdy, Gina! Welcome to the madhouse!

You have a great teacher and a great guitar as well. Enjoy!


Welcome. Take care : play Gretsch guitar is a very addictive passion.


Welcome, Gina, to the wonderful world of Gretsch.

You have a great teacher in your Dad.

Now, you'll begin to experience the madness and joy of learning the guitar!


Lesson 1, how to plug the guitar into the Bassman!

Congratulations and welcome to the club!


Welcome Ginta, and congrats on the win


Hallo Gina, welcome. If your new Gretsch sound a bit strange, thats my pic in it

Hope to see you and your dad live on stage next year.


Btw: kudo's to you for drawing the old fashioned way with that little pot of ink. Great technique!


Congrats and welcome to the family. Keep us posted.


Welcome aboard Miss Gina,and congrats on your new geetar!

btw,you have the coolest dad ,but i'm sure you knew that already!

I too ,love your art work.


A big congratulations to you, Gina! Welcome to the GDP. There is a wealth of knowledge here, so ask away.


Congratulations Gina for winning that guitar. You probably are going to customize it with one of your own fantastic drawings on water decals. Now you must steal one of your dad's amps too


Welcome aboard, Gina -- and congratulations for winning your gorgeous Gretsch guitar! Enjoy the guitar and the GDP.

It is good to confirm that this Gretsch addition we share is heredity and can be spread genetically!


Congratulations, Gina. You are so talented already, as evidenced by your T-shirt artwork. I'm sure you'll be a talented guitar player, too.


Congratulations! Can we expect a family band -The Voodoo Hollies?


Hi Ginta! Welcome to all things Gretsch which of course you know all about! You are so fortunate in many ways, beginning with winning such a wonderful guitar. You dad will provide phenomenol guidance in helping you learn.

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