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New guy here


Hi there. New guy from Oregon here. Not a current Gretsch owner (had a beater Corvette for a few months in the early 90's when they were really cheap) but am currently shopping for something in the Jet style. I have been looking for a guitar forum to join and after lurking for a while, this one seems to have a laid back attitude that I enjoy.

I modify every piece of gear that passes through my hands and am attempting to get back into amp building after a dozen years away from it. I am a welder, fabricator and machinist in an auto restoration shop.

Nice to meet you all.


Welcome aboard from over the pond.


Welcome to our addiction. Please post pic's, when it happens and add it to our database. Are you leaning towards Humbuckers or Dynas?


I think you'll fit right in! We may be nominally a Gretsch forum, but mods and diy amps are common topics of discussion. What kind of music do you like/play?


Welcome, from one monkey wrench to another.

What part of Oregon? Best beer in the world comes outa Bend (at least in my opinion).


Welcome! You'll find many amp guys around here to exchange ideas.


Eugene, OR and our beer holds its own

Music is a random mix of old country, 50's RnR, 60's garage, 70's and 80's punk. My wife enjoys playing shoegaze type stuff so I play that with her and one of her side projects is a Liz Phair type thing which I am enjoying.

I am pretty much a ham fisted player. I never practiced my scales as a kid and it shows.


Lucky guy. I almost took a job at Sacred Heart. Love the park across the Willamette from the university. Great town!


Welcome on board. Have a lot of fun here with all of the other modifying guys!


Welcome, make yourself at home and enjoy!


This is pretty much the Gretsch and related stuff brain trust right here. The amount I've learned here would be hard to calculate. Pull up a chair.


Nice to have you with us. I hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome to our great world of Gretsch craziness!


Welcome to the deep-dark world of Gretsch addiction!


Ah Oregon! Welcome to our madness from an Ex-Pat Oregonian.


welcome to the GDP(Gretsch Discussion Pages).


Welcome from NJ! I was watching a show on HGTV last night where a couple was house hunting. The episode was filmed in Eugene, and I thought to myself, that place looks ideal.

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