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hello gentlemen,

one open question: As I've becomed obsessed with duo jets, I'm thinking that if I see a good deal I might go for another one. as some Ebay sellers don't sell outside the US, would some friend of this forum help me if the occasion arises and let me send the guitar to his home, then ship it to me in europe??

thanks anyway! cheers!



you could always rent a us address and see if they will ship to that, might only work if you are in the uk, if not there may be a courier service that will do something similar wherever you are.


I'd be happy to help the cause, if needed. I'll send you a pm.


I'd do it as well. I'm in the Midwest (Wisconsin). A guy in Glasgow I know from another forum is in the process of doing me a favor and shipping me a guitar I found on the UK version of craigslist (gumtree), so I have a karma deficit to make up.


thanks a lot gentlemen!

l'll surely keep you in mind when it's the time... I really do appreciate it.

PS: nielDa, if you ever come back to barcelona and have the time, just drop me a line and we meet mate!


Biel, I'll be in Barcelona in December. I leave for France tomorrow!! I've been planning to PM you, and I will once I'm settled in. I am a duo-jet fanatic as well!


sure.. I'd be glad to help.. Virginia here.


I'm from Tarragona, but just now I'm going to Barcelona (I go frequently). I'm a Duo-Jet fan, too.

Perhaps we could meet some day.


Biel, good luck and hope you win when you bid! I've mailed you stuff before so if you need a back-up I'd be glad to help. Another Duo Jet fanatic here.


thanks a lot Paul! we shall see... again, your pickguards are fantastic!!


bielball.... I see the auction for the Duo Jet ended at $3381.99. Did you win her?!


Hi! nope... :(

I thought that because of the neck issues it would make people skip it and I didn't win...

my quest for my second duojet is still alive! my eyes are open!! (but if you see something out there I'll appreciatte a mail :=0, I couldn't have bought the first one if not for fws6!)


Californian here willing to help out, biel.


There's a 1960 Duo-Jet listed in the Garage Sale section now. Are you looking for Dynasonics or FilterTrons - or either?


Dynasonics!! that's my obsseion right now. thanks mates!!


Hello, I just recently used this parcel delivery service and was left pleasantly surprised, fast delivery, cheap, insured, can also pick to deliver with other courier services, though those are likely to cost more.


Yes! Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!!

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