Gretsch Garage Sale

Wanted: Gretsch Reissue 6119-1959 single pickup tenny


Does anyone have one of these for sale, or would you consider trading possible two guitars (Premium Epiphone ES-295 and Kay Blonde reissue Thin Twin). Both are listed in this for sale section. I'd also trade my Gomez El Sonido blonde amp that's in this section as well, or possibly a combo of these. Anyone?

I had one and sold it sadly and have always missed it. Thanks in advance.


Wow, both guitars seem nice, but man! Talk about highly overpriced...


I thought they were fairly priced for vintage guitars.


I have had a crush on this model forever! I saw a RI at Cream City in Milwaukee last time I was there. Call them, they will deal.


I have a 1960 6119 that I think is fantastic. I hope you get yours!

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