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Hey kats and kittens, I'm Mike and I just today became a Gretsch guy. Got a G5622T off the slickadorama holiday consumer treadmill dealio and couldn't be more thrilled. I'm an old punk with a mim baja tele - who embraced the billy as a life choice long ago but is now my most everything. The usual suspects - the rev - cramps - meteors - hillbilly hellcats and more on the psycho side and charlie james scotty cliff danny and many more on the other side. Huge big sandy (Ashley Kingman) and JD Mcpherson fan. I am a well-intentioned hack who straddles by the seat of my pants and every new technique or theory ability I can muster. Thanks for reading and cheers.

these young torchbearers make me happy when I need or want to be happy- hope it transcends -


Welcome to our addiction.

Those guys sound great, thanks for sharing.

There are plenty of Psyco-Punka-Hicka-Rocka-Billies around these parts. You should fit Right in.


Hey Mike, welcome aboard! Cool band and great tune! I really like the vocalist, he's got a very clean articulation, I like being able to actually understand the words.

I bought my first Gretsch, about a year and a half ago. It is the hollow body version of the guitar you have, it's a G5422TG, and I bought it new. Mine has the Walnut (burgundy) stain, and gold plated hardware.

Beside being an overall extremely well made, and great sounding instrument, it has the hardest frets of any guitar I've ever owned. I'm retired, and practice between 4 - 8 hours a day. It's been used heavily in my rotation, and the frets are still virtually pristine. By comparison, my American Elite Stratocaster, is only about 6 months older, and is already in the shop getting the notches and flat spots filed out of the frets.

A quick heads up ; I'm hooked on Gretsch guitars now, and I'm about to drop a bundle on a Pro Line Duo Jet. These guitars are delightfully addictive, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!


Welcome to our insanity,youngblood! Just keep Rockin'. lm.


Gretsch guitars produce a sound that I just can't get enough of. I wish every band had at least one guitar player who used them.

Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the nuthouse Mike!

I enjoyed The Zipheads too,regarding the vocals,singer reminds me ,a little, of Alex Turner.


Welcome to The Gretsch Pages, Mike!

Rock on.


Thanks for the welcomes - life got turned upside down since my new Gbaby arrived, sorry for late reply. Most important - I play it everyday and I won an acoustic yamaha, so - life has it's sours and riches. I hope to read and enjoy and add some richess - cheers


Hello, Mike, sorry to hear about your misfortune. I'm glad, however, that you are liking, and playing, your new Gretsch guitar. My guitars have seen me through many of lifes valleys, way better than drug and alcohol. Besides, when I'm done playing my guitar, It's Still There!

I'm getting a bit older (well, aren't we all, it that pesky time thingies, and even rocks age), and the last couple of years, I have seen a lot of hospital time and multiple surgeries. Just when I think I'm out of the woods, something else pops up. Anyway my point is, that even though I've had some pretty tough times, my guitars were always a salvation of sorts. A deep distraction, away from the thoughts of mortality and other of life's inevitabilities. It has the added bonus of making me a better guitarist!

I'm happy that you checked back in, Mike. I hope things rebound for you, and start looking back up again. So, now that you're back on the GDP radar..... Pictures please, we're all a bunch of voyeurs when it comes to other peoples guitars!

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