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Logging in and out


This may sound like a dumb question but I am not sure my home page is loading right. When coming to this site I get a half page of a orange guitar and a menu when I scroll down it makes a big jump like I may be passing something but does go to the beginning of the forum. My question is do you log in and out of this site I don't ever see a place to log out when finished for the day. Also is there a place that shows who is on line at any time. Thanks John


Every once and awhile it asks me to sign in. In ten years I have never thought to log out.


You can log out any time you want but you can never leave, Oh wait that's another thread.


Just add /logoff to the end of the url. It's really unnecessary though.


OK I understand just seems like other forums I am on not guitar related requires logging in and out. So I get it now Thanks all


Every once in a while I have to log in; I never log out. I thought it was when you Boys got tired of having me play along. XX Olivia Anne


I got asked to log in again today. This site suffers from memory loss.


I use multiple devices to read the site and if I login on my phone, I usually have to login on computer when I go back to it.

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