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Let’s Help Beatles 6120


Curt, at the time Strummerson made his comment that seems to have you so upset, the new GoFundMe page for Mitch showed a total of 7 people having donated and the earlier one showed no activity since last November.

He's entitled to his opinion, and considering the difference in response when he asks for help for Mitch and when Deed asks for help for Mitch, it's easy to see how he might arrive at it.


I know that a bunch of us have supported Mitch, perhaps with less fanfare than usual, as Mitch seems pretty low-key if you know him at all. This is the finest and most caring and generous online community (which became a real community over the years) that I have ever encountered.


You know, I started a second thread in order to clarify just who Beatles6120 is, for those who may not be very familiar with him...and to give just another nudge for the cause.


All of these threads are useful and thoughtful.


I never saw the initial thread, but as soon as I saw Deed's I sent what I could to Mitch.


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