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Just Gone Gretsch


Hello - Just acquired my first Gretsch, a 6118 in Smoke Green. Beautiful guitar, and now it is set up to my liking sounding great. Lifelong player, with a stack of guitars and basses, but still only one pair of hands...

Thanks for the add, and all the best from Aberdeen, Scotland. (y)


Welcome to our addiction. Love the name and congrats on a great guitar!


Welcome to the nut house sir!


Happy to welcome spread the Gretsch love to Aberdeen. Welcome aboard!


We need pics!! Welcome!


Welcome to the Campfire, great spot for everything Gretsch


Welcome to the GDP Mr. Weenie, I'm glad you found us! I hope you hang out and get to know us, and we you. There's a lot of knowledgeable and good people here, and we're always happy to welcome more.


Welcome to the GDP. Glad you're here.

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