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I’ve found my way back to the gretsch pages


After some time away, and a difficult time reviving my old user name "rockabillydoc" I'm back. I've missed the gretsch pages. I'm very excited to be adding a White Penguin to my collection. It should be arriving tomorrow. Thanks to my amazing wife for buying me a guitar I have dreamed for for a very long time. I've owned a Jag Tan Anne since 2008 and love it. Anyway it's nice to be back....


Pic's, or it didn't happen. (wink)

Had to say that to make you feel back at home.

Welcome back! Put your feet up and get comfortable.


Thanks, and yes I will be posting pics, if I can remember how


Quite a handful have returned in the last few weeks; it's great to have you back, RaBD.


Glad you are back!


Welcome back! Another vote for pics here.


And its a lefty ! or reversed pic....


Who left the door unlocked?

Welcome back to the fold. Your turn to buy the beer.

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