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Duane and George Benson !


A good friend told me today , that Duane had recorded with George Benson . Has my friend got that right , has Duane ever played with George or ever been on the same show with him ! - I was told that George is a highly rated guitar player !


George is great if you're into the jazz thing. A very tasteful and articulate player. I'm not a great jazz fan myself, but you can't whack George.

Duane and George? I'd love to see that...


Back when George made the leap from the Creed Taylor jazz label days to the mainstream (Breezin'), I saw him twice and met him once. It was the first year of College...

Years later, in NYC, we both had the same guitar tech. Always hoped to bump into him, again, but, as our tech always said to me...never have your Byrdland here when either he or Wayne Krantz were there...I would never leave with it.



Lookee here:


On an Ibanez, for Pete's sake...

– Deke Martin

He plays an Ibby because he's an endorser---Ibanez LGB300-VYS. I wonder how much better he'd sound on a Gretsch. His first big commercial hit was a cover of "On Broadway". Check out his work with Earl Klugh as well. George has got some serious skills.

Notice the cellophane tape over the f holes on his guitar?


Well according to his Wikipedia bio it looks like there is probably closer than six degrees of separation between him and Duane Eddy; however it does not indicate they have performed together -- live or on an album.

I'm sure that a more authoritative source will turn up soon with a definitive answer!

All that being said, I would dig a song collaboration between the two if it has not been done already.


Suspected that there was no musical collaboration, Deed, so thanks.

IIRC, George played on a track on Chet's "Stay Tuned" album.

George has been an Ibanez endorser for years. I often wondered if he might have sounded different (better is too strong) on another guitar but I had in mind a Johnny Smith Gibson rather than a Gretsch.

There's the odd GB LP knocking around here together with his Earl Klugh duets album, oddly enough entitled Collaboration...


The production model Benson Ibanez guitars are good, but you can bet his personal instruments are a little more dialed in. He's always paid attention to what sells, and he's done a few overly commercial tunes (at least IMO), but he wouldn't dream of playing a guitar that doesn't get the job done.


I have a GB200 and it's a great guitar. Build and quality is fantastic, as good as any pro line Gretsch. Plays like a dream too and with flat wounds it sounds smooth with a bit of bite


I admire George Benson's playing. He, along with Chet and Earl Klugh, all three together was a nice combination, as was Chet and George together. Duane and George together would sound heavenly, I'm sure.

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