Meet & Greet

It’s a Girl!!


Prayers being said, Grump!


Best mojo I can muster headed your way Uncle G.


Much love and prayers sent to you, John, Enid, and Olivia, a very fortunate little girl, indeed. All my lovin, Olivia Anne


Hang in there John and Enid, it's been a long road to be sure but nobody is more deserving and qualified than you two. We're all pulling for you!


Already spoke to the Boss upstairs and I don't think you have anything to worry about. I love you guys.


My prayers for you all. You deserve this happiness so much.


More legal issues. In 60 days a new court day will be set. Lawyers having problems with briefs or something. They should switch to boxers.

It's all good though. Everything has to be done right so that no problems arise in the future. I'm just no good at waiting.


Fingers crossed, I hope that it is sorted properly in time for the holiday season. All the best.


You've got this, buddy. Sending prayers.


Well Bear already covered this with the boss so I'm sure all will be good! I have faith that you two will prevail and be rewarded!


I can't believe I missed the resurrection of this thread! As one who has been in your place all too recently, I wish you and Enid all the strength, patience, and good fortune that's out there!


Me too... I've been maxxed out this past week.

Pullin' for ya Grump!


I have no doubt that everyone can see the love from you and Enid. You should have no problem. Pulling for you guys.


Update. This morning we received an email telling us that a judge has finally signed the termination of parental rights papers.

What does that mean? That means that sometime in August or early September there will be a huge party at Casa De Grump to welcome our daughter into our family. You are all invited.

This is a huge step towards adoption.

Thank you all for your support.


It couldn't happen to a more deserving couple. I really mean that. Congratulations.


Tremendous news, John. Huge congrats to you and Enid.


Fantastic news, John! Congrats!


Hey, it's so good to see this happening..some good news for a change! You got a big heart fellah


Congrats John, to you and your wife! This is terrific news and I couldn't be happier for you!

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