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It’s a Girl!!


We are going to the hospital tonight to pick up a 5 day old baby girl for possible adoption. The girls mother is very young and not able to care for her baby.

I'll post some pics later if I can.

Babies scare me. I shaking with excitement.

I'm gonna be a dad again!!


John, I am SO happy for you and Enid! I'm so excited for all three of you!

Now, first thing's first...we're gonna need to find a REALLY small guitar.


Best wishes, now get some sleep you're gonna need it.


Big time congrats! If I may ask what's the possible part?


I'm thrilled for you! Best of luck to you.

My wife and I had our first child back in the summertime and I was like you - loved kids but was "afraid" of babies. Today our boy is eight months old and part of me wants him to stop growing! I'm sure you'll feel exactly the same way - it's a magical time.

I'm looking forward to the pics!


Oh, John, this is just beyond magnificent. Can't wait to know that you and Enid and Precious One are settled in. Much love your way!


Big time congrats! If I may ask what's the possible part?

– CBell

The possible part is the mother can still change her mind. She will be allowed supervised visits once a week for a while but right now it's a very good chance that she is giving the baby up for adoption.

My focus right now is to just help the baby get a good start.


Does it have a sauce rack?

Oh wait.…danm tihs lysdexia.

I'm happy for y'all, Papa John.


My focus right now is to just help the baby get a good start. -- Uncle Grumpy

Keep that as your focus rather than planning on an adoption. Having a child ripped from your arms that you thought you would be able to adopt is the worst feeling one can have, I imagine. So, keep your thoughts on helping this poor little girl and then, if things work out for you later on, it will be the icing on the cake for you.


Couldn't ask for a better pairing of you and Enid as parents, every child should be so lucky.


Congrats to you and your wife John, I hope it works out well for the three of you.


Awesome! I hope the baby girl gets all the love she can handle.


Couldn't happen to a better pair of folks. Happy day, I'm sure. Oh and, Pic's, or it didn't happen. (winky)


Hey that's great you two! All the best for the new little arrival and you folks deserve so much happiness.


That's awesome! God bless you all.


That's great news. I worried that you and Enid were too heartbroken when your boys were returned to their birth parents to take another chance. We brought our little guy home under similar circumstances almost 16 months ago and are still in DHS limbo (or maybe I should just go ahead and call it purgatory?). It's a bumpy ride, but worth every minute.


Let's send all good vibes, mojo, prayers, thought and good wishes to John and Enid...I am sure there's a special area in Heaven for those who open their hearts and homes to these little ones.

That includes you and your family, Ryan M. He is a darlin' boy.


Fingers crossed and sending positive vibes!


OMG OMG OMG! So hopefull and happy for you! Awsome! Call if you need ANYTHING! Prayers at maximum warp!

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