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I’m looking for bands to interview on my radio show


Hey Guys, I am co-hosting a new Internet Radio show on GashouseRadio

Called Flathead Fever, we are looking for Roots, Americana, Kustom Kulture, Garage or really anything that sounds cool, acts from all around the world to have on the show. The show airs every Wednesday from 8-10EST. All you need to do is get us a link to download a few tunes, a website to look at, maybe a bio if you have it, and call or skype in at the appropriate time. We'll do it first come first serve. I would want to schedule each act a few weeks out that way you have time to promote your appearance and get people to tune in.

We already had GasMoney. Delco Nightengale, and of course the Billy D Light Trio 8-)

So line up Boys! you can post here if interested, and then we'll talk via email or whatever!


The Western Starlanders would love to do it. You can check out our site at I can also email you some MP3's from our EP. Just send me a PM and we can work out the details if you're interested.


What kind of music...just pretty much Rockabilly?


And I quote my OP :D

"Roots, Americana, Kustom Kulture, Garage or really anything that sounds cool"


Cool man! My band Wicked Whiskey would love to! I can mail you a copy of our CD if you want the whole shebang. I'm working on our website right now, hopefully it will be up and running in the next few weeks. And is that 8pm to 12am, or 8am to 12pm?


D'oh! 8-10pm. I just fixed it in the OP


In case he hasn't been on here for awhile, contact bobkat, I thnk he would love to do it.


Tristate... your bass player installed my home entertainment center! HA :P


Sounds awesome guys! I'm Original Dan, Billy's co-host.

You can email me music at or snail mail me a CD and/or press kit to:

1640 Nixon Dr. Suite 309 Moorestown, NJ 08057

I will schedule according to whom I have music from, etc. and give you time to get the word out.

We are live tonight, from 8-10 pm est so make sure to check out the show.


Billy: We've got an NYC metro area original Americana band called Mud Blood and Beer. We've got two CDs out and have two upcoming gigs, in January at Lakeside Lounge in Manhattan and a CD release party at The Bitter End in Feb.

Our site is

If you give me your email I can send you a link to download the entire latest CD --- or I can mail you the CD itself. I can also send you band bio and pics. Let me know. Thanks.


BTW I'm Original Dan's co-host, he's a great guy and modest, but it's his show. Also he is one hell of a pinstriper if any one needs that sort of thing.

Tristate... your bass player installed my home entertainment center! HA :P

-- billydlight

Yeah, Stevo, he does that for a living sometimes!


Maybe Paul Pigat? I suppose he could do a "phoner" interview. At least you can PM him here at GDP.

Would you like Europeans too, or is that not so interesting...


Europeans can listen, and we would love to have them


I'll second Wicked Whiskey. I have one of their CDs. Great stuff.


Hell yeah, Sroux got one hell of a sound as well! I was fortunate enough to see him play live. Too much damn talent here.8-)


Billy, I'm gonna keep this in mind. a friend of mine in Austin, Texas and I collaborated on a song that will be released on his next cd in a few weeks. I'll pass this information on to him. I'll get back with you.



We are about to debut the new GasMoney tune.... Tune in


We (or I) would be interested. We're no-bodies, unsigned, underworked and on the West Coast. But if we measure up, it would be an honor and privilege. Check us out: Kings of the Philistines

EDITED for sniveling content! :)

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