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Has anyone been able to contact Tru-Arc?


It seems like several of us have either tried to contact him or buy a bridge and have received no response. I hope that all is well.


Please understand that, in addition to having invented the Tru-Arc bridge and handling production and distribution of same, Proteus also has a 'day job' in the IT field that requires quite a bit of travel.

He will respond as soon as he is able.


Proteus is alive and well. Just received and installed a ST-120 on my RHH. No intonation issues, rattle is gone along with the TOM, and tone has increased. Thanks Proteus and thanks to all the TA were right!


Understood! Amazing products! Another member expressed some concern as well. No worries, I would love to have them on all my guitars. I love the Cu-120! Can't wait for my ST-95!!!!


Got a brass one from him a few weeks ago. He was at the NorCal roundup last week, so maybe catching up.

Worth the wait, I say (having bought 4 so far).

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