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I’m glad to be back


Hey all y' ya been doin'? It's been a couple/few years since I've been on the GDP. I had to get a new name and new e-mail just to rejoin....I done forgot all my previous stuff. Also got a new Gretsch...G5420t CAR...should be here in about a week. Bought it from Joel at Shanghai.

Oh yeah, before I forget....I was on here as ....arm1151... in the past. Good to back.


I reckon I was on here in the past as wonder I couldn't log in. The ole forgetter is workin' overtime.


Hey Alan! Welcome back. Where have you been? What kept you away for so long?


hey Alan !,

glad to see ya back. it has been a while since you were around here. if I remember right, you were living in Alabama (?).


Yes're correct....good to be remembered. There are some really good folks on these pages.

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