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I survived!! (The Bear Facts)


The Bears den. It's even better in person. So is the Bear. My wife and I arrived Friday evening and right away, felt at home. A long, 12 hour drive ending at the warmest, most welcoming atmosphere you could possibly imagine. I feel like I have known him all my life.

I think one of the high points of my visit was hearing Bear play my Jet. I don't think he knew it at the time, but I was outside the Den listening. He really made that guitar sing. It was pure heaven.

Bear, all I can say is, thanks my brother and Semper Fi.


Well UG, let me say that Janice, Dana, John and I were thrilled with your visit. You and Enid are two of the nicest and most fun people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We were still talking today about how fast the weekend flew by. You two have to come back when you can stay longer.

My door will forever be open for you two. Thank you for a great weekend, and you play some darned good blues. SEMPER FI my brother from another mother.

Oh, and Cookie wants to know when you're bringing more Swiss cheese. :D


Would have been fun to have been there!


That was funny. Cookie got some of my swiss cheese and went crazy. Bear, Enid and I are still talking about our visit.


The Bear cave is a good place to be. :D

Nice pic. Glad ya'll had fun but as a buddy of mine would have said "How couldn't ya?"


You guys even kinda look like each other. Scary! 8-o

I suggest mutual tattoos - motto - "Grumpy Bear".8-)


Cookie looks slim & healthy, keep that swiss cheese to treats only. Our cat Little Walter likes tortilla chips & popadoms. Nice to see people getting along.


Great stuff and I love the pic of the Grumpan about to become a satisfying meal.

btw.....I captured a stray kitten in early March that I had seen twice in the neighborhood who looks exactly like Cookie. I brought it to the Animal Hospital where they treated her for free and helped find her a great home. Turns out she was reunited with her family and had been lost for 2 almost 6 weeks....Milkshake is her name and I lured her in by placing Tuna in a box.

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