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New (returning) member, had a profile here years (decade+) ago, got rid of all my Gretsch guitars, moved away. Recently looking to "return to the fold" if I can find the right guitar(s).

Anyway, I always thought this forum had some of the nicest, most knowledgeable folks, so I thought I'd sneak back in and learn some stuff from y'all (again).



Welcome back, r13v, this is the best place on the web, with some of the best people you'll ever find. I've been here for a little over three years, and I've enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and easy going crowd. Welcome home!


Welcome back. If I may ask, what was your prior user name?


Honestly, I'm not sure! I had a few handles I used online back then...

Edit: "bobgoblin" (found using forum archive)


Welcome. We're Glad you're back. Now, to get you some awesome Gretsch Guitars.

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