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New guy here. My name is Brett and I'm originally from Texas... been playing guitar for 20 years now. I'm a die hard Buddy Holly fan since age 8 and hold 50's rock as my musical foundation. I bought my first Gretsch earlier this year, G5420T and loved it so much I upgraded to a a newer Hot Rod model. I have a YouTube channel where I'm trying to post new songs / covers but that's only when I find the time and energy to create and upload. I've been reading these forums for awhile and thought I should finally join up.


Howdy back atcha!

Welcome to the asylum!


A warm welcome to you from over here.


Hello! Happy Gretsch’n


Welcome, RG7X! This is a friendly place where there is some GREAT knowledge sharing.

Just be advised that the GDP experience will, no doubt, result in you owning more guitars and gear...... Don't fight it -- prepare (brace??) yourself for it.



Welcome, Brett. Me too, Buddy-wise. My first musical memory was That’ll be the Day on a jukebox in 1958. Actually, my 2nd. 1st was the same day. The Tennessee Waltz came on first. The melancholy melody made me cry. Then, on the jukebox came Buddy Holly and I cheered my 4 year old self right on up.


Welcome. Our general rule is pics or it didn’t happen. Please post pics of your guitars and list them in the registry.


Welcome aboard. You'll get addicted to this place. It happens. I'm with BabaJoe. Add your guitars to our database and share your youtube channel.


Hello Brett, welcome aboard, I'm glad you found us! We're a pretty good bunch of Gentlemen and Ladies, I'd take senojnad's warning seriously. It begins rather quickly and before you know it, you're hooked. I'd love to have a look at your YouTube channel, post a link, if you like, I'm sure we'd enjoy it.


Welcome to the gang. You'll love it.


Welcome to the nut house Brett!


Hey, RG, pull up a Gretsch and make yourself at home. It's good to have you.


Welcome Brett! I am also a big Buddy Holly fan. I actually bought a 57 reissue Stratocaster many years ago, only because Buddy had one. Well he had a 54/55 and a 58' but it's close enought. I also visited Lubbock and Clovis (Norman Petty studio) in 2001. Enjoy your Hot Rod Gretsch, I bet it sounds fantastic.


Welcome to all things Gretsch, Brett! Always a happy day for everyone when another Gretsch owner joins the fold! You'll like it around here!


Welcome to the best guitar forum on the planet!


Happy days from Central Texas! Glad you're here!


Thank you all for your kindness. I really do appreciate your welcome. Rock on!



As a Buddy Holly fan, shouldn't you have a strat and horn rim glasses?



As a Buddy Holly fan, shouldn't you have a strat and horn rim glasses?

– crowbone

I actually sold off my 50's Sunburst Strat just a few months ago. I do have some horn rim glasses... and about every 45, LP and book on the guy.

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