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Hoosier Daddy Heartland Roundup T-Shirts


I haven't seen the design yet, but I have the talented designer who did the 2011 Nashville What happens in the barn stays in the barn shirt, and she just doesn't come up with junk. It promises to be a worthy wearable momento of your vacation in West Baden.

Purpose of this query is to ask if you want to commit to a shirt (or multiples); if there's not enough interest, I'll drop the project. Price expected to be 15.00 - 20.00 (depending on count and sizes). We're working on 2-color design, front and back images.

Respond here or to my email with your probable order and sizes. When we decide to say GO, you'll pay me via PayPal, so I can pay the T-shirter. Would like to place the order tomorrow - Monday at the latest.

And I don't mind if non-attendees buy the shirt.



I'd take 2 in XL.


Tim-- responded to your email with quantity and sizes.


All accounted for. Including emails, I have orders for 13 shirts. Need more - but I haven't heard from everyone yet.


With no design ready yet, it's harder for non-attendees to commit methinks


Well, that's true. I'll try to have a design up tomorrow - though that gives away what is usually a surprise.

But it's usually a surprise because it's last-minute.

So we'll see.


Y'all like it?

We're still working on the phrase in the box, and will work "Gretsch" and "GDP" in more prominently. Does anyone have a good b/w line art graphic of a headstock from dead-on? Like maybe with the old arched or script logo?


I like it except for lack of guitar image.


I like it. I have this, not line art but perhaps someone can make it so.


Thanks, Cam. One of those may do.


No, wait... wrong forum...

I'd suggest shooting Paul Setzer an email--- he may already have what you need.


'30s and '50s script logos. Take your pick.


Tim, will you ship?? I'm in Canada.


Personally, I'd rather see the Gretsch ocarina on the T-shirt breast design... imagine a Gretsch Ocarina Roundup! Can't wait 'til they release a custom-shop orange Chet Atkins G-branded model!

The only thing better would be a Gretsch musical comb all blinged out in gloss white and gold sparkle.... with maybe a Bigsby attached.


Just asking here. Is this wonderful design the front or back? Does this need a pocket? Women hate pockets on their t-shirts, however I'm sure this is of little importance since there are not a lot of us...but you know who ends up wearin' those t-shirts, don't ya? : )


I'd like one in 3XL (XXXL).


Got it, Bear.

Funny you should ask about pocketry at the moment, MsDeed. No, no actual pocket, just the possibility of a left chest-front logo (euphemistically called "breastpocket" location in the T-shirt industry, I guess).

But we're debating amongst ourselves - that is, the designer, my wife, and I - as to whether the shirt should have both the small front logo and the large graphic on the back, or whether we should just go big picture on the front and make that the whole deal.

In ANY case, the graphics are now finalized, and I likem OK. (See following two posts.)


EITHER the front or the back.


Breastpocket medallion, if the Big Picture goeth on back.

(This would be small - about 3.5" across. The Big Picture is big - like 11" square.)

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