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Clipper Project unfolds…finally scroll to catch up on this post


Hey all you Gretsch ppl... Finally got a Gretsch. I bought an Orange 5120, 125th Anni edition. I swapped the pups for TV Jones FilterTrons...but I wanted more went with Dyna's... I am in LOVE.... and per the advice in here, I got a Compton Bridge...and what a world of difference! So about 25 yrs ago my Dad found a 1960 Clipper in a pawnshop and brought her home to me. She was a MESS... Someone had used a paintbrush and primed her battleship grey and painted over that with orange paint... So.... about two weeks ago I decided...either the wood pile...or refinish she has new veneer, and a new sunburst finish. I have the neck resprayed... black...and am about ready for final coats of clear...then to dress up the fretboard....I have the pickgaurd but it is Paul Setzer is making me a new one and a water slide as well.... I have a photo documentary on the work... she is gonna be ready for buffing in about two weeks...


Welcome to the GDP, Trotter. Good luck to you on your guitar project. It looks like a fun one to watch.


Welcome to the GDP, Rick.! You're going to fit in well here. Now start posting pix. :)


You are gonna fit right in here - good luck with the project and yea, pics are especially appreciated.


Welcome to the GDP Rick! Good Luck with the Clipper. They're cool guitars, and someday I just might get one.


Hi Rick, welcome to the GDP!


Congratulations on your 5120. You made the right decision to fix up the Clipper. I look forward to the pictures.


Rick, Welcome to the GDP!



ok, figuring out how to post here is the 1960 clipper in restoration....before she was re-veneered...she was in bad shape...


some idiot had PAINTED her with a PAINTBRUSH!?!? battleship grey base coat and brushed Orange on the top....lots of work to get her back to just wood....the new veneer ready to go down...1/32" maple...


I used bags of Kitty Litter to "press" the veneer down...sprayed a little windex on the veneer to shape the veneer...used a clothes iron(my wife was pissed) to literally iron out waves and wrinkles...and dry the I am cutting out the "F" Holes....


putting veneer on the sides and gluing....


lots of those big rubber bands...thanks to Stewmac for the supplies....e


1st coat of sanding sealer after fine sanding...starting to look better...whew....


uuuh oooh...I sprayed tooo dark...I had sprayed clear coats in between the color coats so I could sand it back....


Welcome to our addiction. Good luck on the project. Looks good so far.


ok...all sanded back....glad that worked out...I am a first timer and NOT a woodworker!


now she is looking finished...back...looks about done...ready for clear coats...


and so does the front...looks like she is ready for clear coats of today thbe neck is (the back) and once Paul Setzer ships the water slides...I will sand down the front of the headstock and spray that....and she is getting ready then for "curing" gotta let her sit for 10 days or so...then a high gloss!


Hello! You've earned your wings there fella, nice save.

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