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Hi All !


Hello All !

Well, I wanted to subscribe to The Gretsch Pages along with Gretsch-Talk some years ago, but inexplicably my attempts to create an account on TGP always failed (error messages, "have a nice day")... Until this evening...

OK, so that's done, now !

I posted my few Gretsch guitars in the appropriate "guitars" section, and I guess that some of you may probably recognize them...

Just a noob question : I did not found the "log out" link... Would you please direct me ?

Thanks !


Welcome to the GDP.

I don't think we ever log out!


Howdy and welcome.Log out,we don't need no stinkin log out.Just kidding, I have no idea where the logout is.


Go to the home page, type "/logoff" after the url and hit enter. It's either logoff or logout, can't for sure remember which.


Never thought about logging out. What would be the reason?

Welcome to the club. You can check in any time you want, but you can never leave.


Welcome aboard!


The website will log you out automatically about every two weeks or so anyhow.

By the way, welcome. And yes-- you've definitely added some nice Lefty models to the database!


welcome to the GDP(Gretsch Discussion Pages). we're glad to have you with us.

yes, it's possible to actually logout. just type /logout in the url as someone said. for example - ""


Welcome aboard!

This site is much like the Hotel California---you can log out but you can never leave. Why would you want to?


Welcome to the GDP and happy you jumped aboard!


I hardly ever post here anymore, but always stay logged in in case I need to welcome a new member.

Folks here are the absolute last word in Gretsch lore. You’ve joined the Gretsch brain trust.


Welcome. We're glad you were persistent and joined the party. You'll like it here.

Log out? Nope. We don't ever log out; not on my laptop, not on my droid, not on my tablet. And, when I get bounced by the "protocol" every once in a while and then have to log back in, I'm always a little worried I've been found out and "logged out."

Again, welcome, Olivia Anne


OK - Fine.

Thank you All !

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