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Hey everybody. I’m new here!


I’m 24 years old and love to play guitar! My favorite player is Chet Atkins. That’s why I play a Gretsch Country Gentleman.

Also, I’m into other great players like Jerry Reed, Merle Travis, and Lenny Breau. Duane Eddy is also a favorite of mine. He has such unique sound.

I just found this site and wanted join because Gretsch guitars are so cool. And this seems like an interesting place!


Welcome to the best guitar forum on the planet. You'll like it here.


I'm 72 & I forgot the question, but good for you! Duane's a great guy!


Howdy! So, another Hoosier! There's a few of us here.


Welcome to all things Gretsch! Show us a pic of your Gent.


Great to have another thumb picker here. Welcome! There are quite a few Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed fans here as well as Duane Eddy fans.


Hey bwch. Welcome to the ranch. As other fellers have said, you'll find lots of support for your Chet-Jerry-Merle-Lenny-Duane interest here. Duane's pretty much a patron saint hereabouts, and his wife Deed is a sometimes regular (often passing along commentary from Duane).

With that set of interests, you must be aware of the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society and their annual several-day convention in Nashville. If you haven't been - and assuming it's held next year, Covid and all - you'll have to go. It's an unreal immersion in consummate guitar heaven. Best Chetpickers (and related stylists) in the world.

Depending on where you are in Indiana (do tell), it may not even be a long drive.

Anyway, good to have you here. Dive right in with commentary, questions, and observations as suits you.


Hello bwch, welcome aboard! You found the right place indeed, this is a cool place with lots of great people. You can't go wrong around here by liking Gretsch guitars, we like them too! Pick up your feet and stay a while, jump right in wherever you want, we won't bite!


Welcome Bwch!

There are great people here (I'm not one of them) with much knowledge. And well humoured.


Judging by your interests, you've stumbled into the right place. Welcome!


Welcome to the best forum on the interwebs.


Welcome to our addiction. Hello from Evansville.

Great to see a person your age into Duane, Chet...etc. There is still hope in this world.


Welcome to a great place!


Whataboutye bwch!

Welcome to the nut house.


Hi Proteus! I have heard of the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention, but I’ve never been. I’ll have to try and go. I’m sure it would be an awesome experience. Also, that’s really cool that Duane’s wife is a member here!


Thanks everybody for posting. I didn’t expect so many responses!


that’s really cool that Duane’s wife is a member here!

Duane is technically a member as well, but rarely posts. Deed often relays his messages. They're both wonderful people!

Where are you in Indiana?

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