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I'm an acoustic guitar lover, I play primarily fingerstyle guitar, and I enjoy exploring other genres.

There's something about solo acoustic fingerstyle I find so fascinating. The fact you can create a mini sound world with your two hands and a wooden guitar, combined with acoustic guitars natural sound, is wonderful to me.

I look forward to connecting with you all


Hello JimJamGuitar welcome to the GDP! I also love the acoustic guitar, there is something about getting back to the grass roots of the guitar that I've enjoyed, just man/woman and the guitar. No wires or special effects, but pure music. I think that's where many of us started, went away, and eventually found our way back. I'm glad you found us!


Howdy! Welcome to the asylum!

Like many others, I also started out on an acoustic, and still play unplugged most of the time. With an acoustic, you have no FX to rely on, no amp to improve your sound. It's just your fingers, some wood and a little bit of steel (or bronze).


Welcome, JimJam. You'll enjoy yourself here. Olivia Anne


I love acoustic guitars; they're where electric guitars came from, and one should always honor the ancestors.

They still have a place in music - playing distant rhythm parts to make electric guitars sound better.

But that's just me. To me the electric guitar is mankind's single greatest and most enduringly entertaining accomplishment.

(But of course I recognize, respect, and admire virtuoso masters of the acoustic guitar. And welcome to the GDP, where there's room and for pluggers and unpluggers alike.)


Welcome to the Asylum!


Welcome from me too! Now.....what guitars are you playing your fingerstyle on??

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