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Hello! New member and proud owner of 3 Gretsch Guitars


Hello, I'm LuckyOne and I'm new here so this is my first post. Glad to be on the Gretsch Pages. I play music professionally 5 nights a week for a living and have proudly played Gretsch guitars exclusively for the last three years. I own three G5420t Electromatics and they have been the best guitars I've ever owned and my collection contains around 60-70 guitars.

My band, Lucky 7.5.7. is a rockabilly / americana / surf band from Norfolk, Virginia (home of Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps.) We've released 4 EP's and will be released our third full-length album in late 2017. Our 2nd full album, "Memphis Recording Service: The Sun Session", was recorded in May 2016 at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tn.

I play one of my 3 Gretsches through a Guild/WEM Copicat, a Fender 63 Reverb Unit and a modded Fender Blues Deluxe and love it.

Thanks for letting my join and I hope to be around for a long while.


Welcome aboard Lucky. Sounds like you'll fit right in round here.

Post up some links to your music sometime.


Nice way to enter. Glad to have you aboard.


Welcome aboard!


Welcome Lucky. You’ll be glad you came.


Thanks everyone! It's great to be here among fellow Gretch lovers like myself. Ever since the first time I played a Gretsch I was hooked.

Since there were a couple of people interested, here's a couple links to some music my band has made on our Gretsch Guitars. Hope you enjoy!

"Do You Remember" -from our 2nd album "Memphis Recording Service: the Sun Session." We wrote this as a tribute to some of our favorite artists.

This one's called "Rockabilly Man"

and here's a video of us in our studio doing a new original called "My Georgia Mae"


Welcome to the GDP!

Enjoyed your videos on your FB page:

Nice playing!

(Have a soft spot for the Fairlane Blue 5420 - all blue guitars really.)

– drmilktruck

Thank you! I love that color too! I stopped dead in my tracks the day I saw it and bought it on the spot.


Welcome. You'll be a nice add to the fine collection of people here.


All of the Norfolk citizens are welcome. I'm a Gene Vincent Freak.


All of the Norfolk citizens are welcome. I'm a Gene Vincent Freak.


Thanks. I'm a Gene Vincent/Cliff Gallup freak too myself. My whole band is. We're good friends with Blue Caps drummer Dickie Harrell who still lives here and town. He comes and sees us when we play locally. He's a real cool cat.


Welcome aboard Lucky!

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