Meet & Greet

Hello Longtime fan


Hello I may have joined in my Gretsch infatuation years back. Well I finally got my first Electromatic 5420t. I love it's pure tones.


Nice guitar. I have the Orange one. I like those pick up if you get them close to the strings they will really sing. Enjoy. Thanks for the pic


Welcome to our corner of Gretschdom!


Nice to meet ya! I love those blacktop pickups too! I've never seen a white truss rod cover. Looks cool!


Nice guitar and welcome to our addiction.

Add her to our Database


Just a reversed cover. I've ordered a package of sparkling covers greens blues &I a yellow gold sparkle. Will see in few weeks & post if they look ok


Howdy! Welcome to the asylum!

Nice first Gretsch!


I guess my final touch of modding my head face. Rather than relicing a guitar, I prefer to doll up my Gretsch.

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