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Hello, I’m new, my 6122 isn’t


Hello, I'm new, my 6122 isn't.

I am trying to more accurately date my 6122 and this site seems to have many of the details I have been looking for.

From the info I have gleaned, I place my 6122 at about 1962 -63.

Have a look at my gtr and let me know what you think..


Profile pix too small to tell... if serial # is stamped on top of headstock it's 1965 or before. Somepoint in '66 it went to back of headstock.


I guess I should link to my gtr "bio"...

Maybe someone can help me...

Many figured tops on 6122s? What's up with my bridge... looks like a Nashville stuck on a rosewood bar bridge piece. I thought the headstock badge serial #s came out in 1965?

Oh, and thank you!



OK, I got the badge thing backwards, they ended in 1965.

Thank you.

Any detail pictures you may want to see?


Post on the "Vintage Gretsch" thread. You'll get more responses.

That bio is too cool. Post a lot more pics of that gorgeous top and the photo of your uncle with it.


I have no number on the wood of the headstock, but the neck was off (at least the fretboard) in 1967.

Larry Lashbrook, who I traced to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, did the truss rod replacement.

I am not so familiar with the neck dimensions of a 6122, but the neck is very slim and tapered and looks refinished (clear lacquer).


I have to dig up the photo...

The guitar is a player as I know the frets were replaced as well. The binding on the body is crumbling off and I am so afraid to touch it as it is so brittle.

I'll take some closer detail shots in the daylight after I clean it up a bit.


The 48*** serial number dates it as 1962. Beautiful guitar!


Truss rod was replaced in 1972, my mistake.

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