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Hello Everyone; I have just purchased my first Gretsch Guitar. It is a G5420T.. and hasn't even arrived yet. Fairlane Blue. I have never played one, but did play a G2420T and was going to buy one of them, but when I called Gretsch Support, the guy suggested that I might prefer the G5420T for a great Jazz sound. OK.. so I bought one. Now.. I have been searching on line for a case to house my new G5420T when it arrives... but have not found anything other than the G6241FT and G6241 Arch Top. I have read many reviews on both of them, and most reviews say that they do fit the guitar well, but the case itself is not very high quality... cheap clasp, hindges, tolex etc. Does anyone here have a suggestion as to a better case that will fit this guitar PROPERLY. Thanks for any feedback.


Check with the sponsors on the right...Black Rider, Dave's, Shanghai or Street Sounds.

One of those folks would be glad to take care of that for you.

Those are great guitars. Maybe even check with the dealer you bought it from but I know our sponsors could handle that order.


Also note that model off the shelf usually needs the pickup height adjusted for best results. Closer to the strings is better is the short version


Welcome and congrats. The Electromatics are the best bang for the buck you can get in an arch top these days, though I played a Streamliner at the shop and was shocked at the great quality of the build for such a small price. Still, I would have, in your shoes, still gone for the G5420T as you did.


Hi and welcome ---

As to your question about a case, THIS one from Musician's Friend fits perfectly --- $79.99 in black or $109.99 in tweed. I have one of each for my 5420T and 5120.


Hi and welcome ---

As to your question about a case, THIS one from Musician's Friend fits perfectly --- $79.99 in black or $109.99 in tweed. I have one of each for my 5420T and 5120.

– Parabar

I got the tweed version on a sale for my Guild D-35. The case is really well made, and a great deal.


Welcome aboard, Snakebite, I'm glad you found us, and that you brought a new Gretsch guitar! I think that you made a great choice. I have the double cut away version of that guitar, the G5422TG and it is an outstanding instrument. I have the G6241 Deluxe Archtop Hardshell Case. My guitar fits into it absolutely perfectly.

I also read some of those reviews, but I I'm glad that I wasn't swayed by them. I'm very satisfied with my case, and I believe that some of those reviews were by people who just can't be satisfied with anything. Many appeared to be nit picky, and easily readied. In any event, if it is bought from Musicians Friend or Guitar Center, they both have a very liberal return and exchange policies.

The latches and hinges on mine are very good quality, line up perfectly, and I found no defects or poor workmanship in the rest of the case. It is, IMO, a very good case, and provides very good protection. You'll spend a lot more for anything better.

Musicians Friend has them for $159. They cost more than the G6241FT, but between the two, it's the one that is specifically designed for an archtop guitar. It's well worth the cost to protect your investment in your new guitar. They remind me somewhat, of the deluxe cases that Gibson puts out, but they are even more sturdy. The shell material is thicker than the Gibson cases, and the latches are a bit heavier. I'm comparing it to the brown Gibson case that came with my 2019 Les Paul.

It fits like a glove for all 16" Gretsch archtop guitars, but remember to swing the arm of the Bigsby, to point towards the tail end of the guitar, before closing the case. This will keep the cases lid from depressing the Bigsby, when the lid is closed.

Good luck with which case you decide on. We thrive on pictures of people's new guitars Please add your guitar to our database and again welcome to the GDP!


Snakebite, here a couple of pictures, of my G6241 Deluxe Hardshell Case, and my fingers! The little brass plaque is engraved with "Gretsch". I find the latches to be quite sufficient. All of mine line up perfectly, and are very secure. The latch nearest the handle is a locking latch.

The accessories compartment is large enough for a couple of packs of strings, a clip on tuner, picks, and small items you need to carry. It will not, however, accommodate your strap (unless it can roll up tightly and lay flat) or cords.

The strap that I use, a hand tooled all leather (no metal parts) 2 1/2" wide with 1" wide instrument connector straps, can be left on the guitar, when it is cased. If you'd like to see more pictures, let me know.


Inside of the case, it's very plush, and I had no excessive glue or unglued edges of the fabric. Since I live in the Phoenix metro area (Glendale AZ), and we have extremely low humidity, I use Oasis Case Humidifiers, pictures here. I put the regular Oasis (blue) in the headstock compartment, and the Plus Oasis (tan) in the instrument compartment. They are refillable, and have a gel inside, and cost $20 a piece.

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