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Hello Clevevland! :-p


Hello everyone!

Lone-time lurker, first time poster here. Just wanted to say Howdy and introduce myself. Been a Gretsch guy for many a long year, ever since my dad let me play his old Country Gentleman when I was a kid. (that he says I'll inherit someday!) I have a modest collection of 6120s, 6128s, a 6129 and my latest, a 6120 Brian Setzer Hot Rod in sparkle green.

That one came about from a Setzer show last Friday in Atlantic City. He was playing a sparkle green Hot Rod most of the night, and at one point said "Are there any guitar players here?" A bunch of us raised our hands. He said "You guys really gotta get one of these green sparkle Gretsch guitars. I can't say for sure if it sounds any better than my orange one, but the chicks sure dig it." I looked at my wife and said "See? Now I HAVE to by one! Briant Setzer told me so!" And she couldn't argue with that logic.

Greetings from Maryland...looking forward to making many new friends. Tony


Glad you finally quit lurking and decided to dip your foot in the water.

Welcome to the GDP. Nice stable of guitars that you've acquired, so far. Add them to our database, if you don't mind.


Better still, show us photos of them.



Hello and great story! Your wife must be the coolest to agree with your logic.


Welcome to the asylum.


Great story. I was hoping Brian handed his off to you! Welcome. Olivia Anne


Welcome to the nut house Tony,and congrats on the new geet!

Let's see'em,please.

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