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Hello again


Everyone!. I'm back. Life's been epic and not in good ways but there is always joy to be found. Hope everyone is well!


Really great to see you back, onwards and upwards.


well, how the heck are you? and how did the doubleneck oud thingy turn out?


It hasn't been the same without you. Welcome back.


Oh, BTW. Really enjoyed your Gong show appearance.


Good to see you back, Mustafa!


Welcome back, MSD. Sorry that life has taken you into unpleasant directions, but glad to see that you are making the best of it and choosing to find joy in life wherever you can find it.

I hope that you stick around a while as you have been missed.


MSD! So nice to see you again. Stick around, tell us stories.


Good to have you back!


Thank you all for the warm welcome! Its good to be back.... Proteus, I have way too many stories to tell not many of them that I want to. But I will tell musical ones.... The doubleneck oud thingy turned out very well indeed and is my mainstay instrument....can't remember if I posted the video on its history but here it is: <iframe src="" height="320" width="100%">

The band I had back in the day, Pray For Brain , did a release in 2014 and was well received but we didn't really follow up or through. Added some Native American rappers to the mix on an ad hoc basis and that was a nice collaboration. Married the bass player but after three years weve decided recently that we're better as besties as a couple and we're good with that! Lost the job in 2016 and have been freelancing music/media consulting/Lyft and Uber since. Its not quite enough but I'm not on the streets:) Music wise I resurrected a nice free ish jazz group from 2003. Some spectacular chemistry and while it has its Middle Eatern influnces, by and large I'm trying to avoid obvious choices and instead working to incorporate the oud in the jazzier tunes and vice versa. We did two shows last fall and multitracked them and felt it was strong enough to put it out digitally. Heres a link to a live clip from the first show: Link

So that's where things are at! Now it's everyone else's turn to fill me in :)

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