Meet & Greet

Grumpfest 2019, August 3rd!


Short notice but it is what it is. Family friendly event at my house. Bring a guitar or don't. Free food, drink and fun. I live on a lake so come ready to swim or boat. I have a P.A, amps, guitars, bass and drums. I'm looking into renting a house on my street for those who need to stay over.


Starts around noon. Ends when nobody can stand.


UncleGrumpy , I know you are off of 209 down from Milford. Do you have some directions to get there? I may have a free weekend. Thanks.


Shoot me an email. jeberg at ptd dot net. Bring a lawn chair.


Aw hell, don't know know how I missed this...

And double hell, I won't be here! We'll be on our way to Cape Cod for vacation.

Have a great time! I'll miss not being there!


Wish I was in the USA. After breaking both legs last year I’ve been having my own private grumpfest. This one sounds a lot more fun

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