Meet & Greet

Grumpfest 2016 !!!! 27 August!


Goldie playing my tk300 bass


Baba r Paul fd lefty


Paul and close supervision.


John linsey left. Cam right.


John and Enid thank you again for an amazing day! It's a big deal to me that you guys are so inviting and welcoming to all. Thank you!


Thanks for the pictures, they help if you can't be there.


Good time! Thanks Grump family. Thanks Munman for letting me try the Balto. Paul had a very nice new guitar. CBell had some beauties. Several GDPers and friends and family. Grumpfest is a blast!


Veiw of deer sneaking beers from our tent


John & Enid, thank you for your gracious hospitality and a wonderful afternoon. Thanks Munman for the photos. Good food, good people, and good music!


A beutiful morning. Quiet sounds of acorns falling and Canadian geese flocks in the sky. I'm stilll snuggled in our bed with a cool nip in the air. A few deer wondering around as a few grey squrirls feast on acorns skitter to and fro. Enid is going to make her French angel toast for us. Mmmm. The weather was and is perfect.


So glad yo folks had a good time. I hope I'll make next year's G-fest.


Look like a great time was had. Tremendous! That Enid is a special gal, for sure. And Uncle Grumps isn't too bad himself!


I did want to get a shot of all the guitars there but never got to it. Quite a collection.


Grumpfest is pure love, plain and simple. John and Enid, thank you both so much!

Thanks to Baba and CrippledLion for bringing HiLo-equipped Gretsches for me to try out!

Paul Overly has probably forgotten more about music than I'll ever know. When he speaks, listen.

I so look forward to every GDP event I attend. I have such a great time catching up and making music with all you guys.


Bummed I couldn't be there, looks like a blast was had.


Wow! What a day. Sorry for the delay but I just found out that I'm still alive.

The ribs and chicken that CBell brought were gone like cheesecake at a weight watchers meeting. I do need that recipe.

I love seeing so many people, especially the kids, enjoy the lake. It warms my heart. We even had a swimming Santa Claus!

Love having the dogs.

For a while the music was great, then I got up to play.

Great people = great fun. Thank you all for coming.

Let's do it again next year!


Goldy, I just sent some pics of the bike to your friend. Thanks! Part of me hopes that he hates it.

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