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Gretsch hiatus over


Greetings GPDers,

Some people may recognize my profile name as I use it on other guitar boards (Tim might even remember me from my Kansas City days). I'm the guy who did all the research for dating Fender amps by serial number, writing for 20th Century Guitar Magazine (and a couple of articles for VG Mag, too) as well as the Ampeg book. I was a mostly silent GDP member from way back, but fell from grace due to a seemingly pathological love-hate relationship with my Gretsch guitars. I pretty much ignored them for the last 10 years while I was laser-focused on researching G&L guitars from the Leo Fender era. The time spent away from Gretsch was actually a good thing for me and I’m finding my way with them once again (more love, just a little hate). So here I am, requisite gratuitous Gretsch guitar related photo included… and back to being mostly silent.



There is no reason to remain silent. We all (or at least most of us) love Gretsch guitars. While I wouldn't necessarily characterize it as "hate", there are many of us who have little things about some of the guitars that we would probably want to change if we had the ability to do so. So, I say chime in on topics that interest you. And, if you don't want to say anything negative, then stay out of those threads. But, welcome back.


Some stories about putting the Ampeg book together would be interesting --


Very interesting. What was your former GDP nick? Is it one of the famous ones?

Does the Ampeg book include the SLM days?

Contribute away, I say.

I'm curious about gory details of the Gretsch ambivalence as well...

Plus howdy and welcomeback, I reckon.


Ric12 – Thankfully there’s not a lot of negativity any more with the vintage stuff. They are what they are and I’m at peace with that. The only “hate” is really just “annoyance” at FMIC’s inability or unwillingness to, outside of the Custom Shop, put accurate reissues into production at Terada. I’m sure it comes down to cost for the changes. For now, “close enough” will have to do.



Proteus – GGJaguar was also my former user name. I’m not famous or even infamous. I’m well-known within a circle of maybe 100 people (which is fine by me). The Ampeg book covers SLM period from 1986 to about 1996. Sorry, no gory details of Gretsch love-hate – I don’t want to have to go back into therapy. It’s just the usual idiosyncratic (and idiosynchronic) stuff.


Cool. I love G&L guitars. I had a 1984 SC-3 for 30 years. It lives with a friend now, but I visit it now and then. The only maple neck, almost Strat I ever loved.


Enjoyed your Ampeg amp site. Also, beautiful 6120 with the Filter'trons; vintage or new?


Same here, been enjoying your website for at least a decade....


Welcome back! I remember those TCG articles.

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