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Great White North Roundup MAY 12, 2018


Redrocker and George doing a last minute practice.


Joe C, db62, and crowbone...solving every issue.


Great Day at The Round up , Super Seeing Everybody , Even came Home with another Guitar , How COOL is That , Thanks GRETSCH


Looks like you guys had a great time. I'm sorry that I couldn't make it. Next time!



– Joe Carducci/Retired

More info on this beauty please.


More info on this beauty please.

– UncleGrumpy

I know the builder well — Apostolis Macris (he often goes by Spanky). He's based in Montreal and has his own custom line of guitars. He's built for some pretty big names, including Jay Leno and Billy Gibbons.

He did this one recently as a proof-of-concept. The finish is pretty wild, involving layers and fades of pearl, gold and who-all-knows-what. He's been posting some of the process on his FB page (search for V8 Custom Guitars).

His website has more about him and his other guitars:


Ryans orange sparkle jet had my eye


can We see The pic's Of The day 's gear winners , My Wife would love to see the LOOK on my Face


That is a class paint job on that Penguin!


That Penguin is Over the Top! Looks like a huge turnout. Congrats! I'm sure it was a blast!


A little wrap up for those that I need to thank. First I’d like to thank all that made the event and from the response everyone had a great time, so part of my job was done. Here is a list of people I would give a big hug to and say thanks, first my Mom for cooking all the lovely food for the event. She is a massive help and without her people wouldn’t get fed, my Brother Dan for lending me his drums year after year, Dan Franco for being head of security and the comic relief for the event and me. Pete/Razor and Rhona, thanks for flipping burgers Pete and Rhona thanks for organizing my mess that I gave you to deal with, thank you thank you! John Magill/crowbone for being one of the pick drop Mc’s, your vocals on many of the songs where impeccable. Gary Whales for helping me with the music and his amp for the pick drop. Wayne Drury, for cutting all the wood for the branding, excellent job Wayne. Larry at D’addario Canada for his continuing support for the event, thanks for the prizes and special picks. Also TV Jones for their support with swag, thanks Lynne. Trevor and Anita from Rosewell Sound, thanks for making everyone sound good and not making anyone’s ear drums bleed. Thanks you two! Mark Rehkopf for creating the amazing poster and shirt design, he is always knocking it out of the park with his designs, thanks again Mark! Last but not least the man Joe Carducci! Thank you again Joe for coming to this event year after year and making it happen with your enthusiasm and love the guitar, Gretsch guitars that is! He is a huge part of the event and everyone is always thrilled that you make the journey up to Canada. Without you this event is just me in a legion rambling at a microphone so thanks again Joe. The day was full of music, hey I got to play twice with my new band. It was our first in front of an audience, so there were some jitters for sure. I heard them when we played. All in good fun, hey if you liked what you heard at the Roundup come and see us at the roller derby on May 26 in Kingston at the Memorial Centre (shameless plug) We had Tony 65x55 band get up and rock the house, Paul Shannon was cooking with a few at the event, George Stryker and Redrocker put on a little bit of a show. Paul also kicked out the jams with him fronting his on set. There was some great local talent too, Jay Smith (Smitty) he got up and did some rocking country tunes, also check him out on youtube he has written a beautiful song for those who were affected by a horrible bus crash in Alberta. All proceeds from that song go to the victims. Here is the link Another local artist that rocked the joint was Solomon Woodland, all I have to say is what a voice and not too shabby on the guitar. Also I would like to make it clear that this year’s poster will be printed and will be available at the next roundup. I’m sorry that things where messed up with that, totally my fault and it won’t happen again. It was good to see everyone again, thanks to those who said hi to my Dad and chatted with him. He really appreciated it, he always helps me with this event and this year he couldn’t as much but did make a salad. Till next year everyone…..

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