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Poster and T-Shirt Update Great White North Roundup 2017


Mtolch and I'll be rolling into town mid-morning. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.


For what it's worth I will be at the venue at 9 am or pretty close. Pm me if you want my cell number if anyone needs anything


Pics please. Have a good time.


We're kicking things off at 12:40 -- awesome group of Gretsch heads !


Wow what a weekend!! I want to thank everyone who attended this event. Thank you all for making it a success and a great event on so many levels. One thing I must say is that the talent that is coming to this event keeps getting better and better, and they all play a Gretsch! The music is diverse and wide, rock a billy, hard rock, rock n roll maybe even some pop music. The only thing we haven't had is country. We may have had someone play some but I don't remember. It really makes it an enjoyable day to hear all kinds of music. Also the spontaneity and the "let do this" jamming happened too, which also made for an fun and interesting moment of the event. A list of thank yous is in order, first I'd like to thank all that came to the event! Also to those who gave us swag to give away like TV Jones for the shirts, stickers and fridge magnets, very cool! Also d'addario Canada for there continuing support, a big thanks to them for the special printed Picks that the first 100 people received when they came to the event also the strings, the straps, the stool, the stickers and the key chain pick holders. Just amazing thanks to both TV Jones and D'addario Canada. Centre Stage Music in Kingston our local Gretsch dealer thanks for coming out and showing off all those great guitars!! Mark Rehkopf thanks for the great artwork for this years posters and the display that you had was amazing! Check this guy out people some really great stuff! Next I'd like to thank Crippled Lion for his thoughtfulness, that book that you got Michael and had everyone sign, is something really special to me and really means a lot to me thank you brother! My family and friends that all you may not know but are a huge help with this, Dan my brother for his drums and storage of my gear, Franco for being security and an all round help with the event. My parents that cook every year for everyone. These people really make it happen. Also another special thanks to Razor and his wife Rhona, Rhona is my bouncer/ticket taker/money collector/all round sweetheart thank you so much Rhona! Thanks crowbone/John for being the best prize table MC there is, your singing is improving since the balto-dc roundup, keep working on it. Last but not least Mr. Joe Carducci and Gretsch Guitars. Thanks for your support, enthusiasm, and energy to this brand of guitars that we love. Thank you all and I will see you all next year or perhaps sooner


Okay, why didn't I know about these. Any left? Can I buy 3? Shout out to the artist and event that I didn't make it to but have your t-shirt on the way.

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