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General_Lee and the Avatar in absentia


Hi everyone. It's been 21 or so dog years since my last electronic confession and so I don't know how many of the old gang is still around. In a cursory browsing of the site I see a lot of new names as well as a few of the veteran er, member names. Anyway I hope you are all doing well.

Believe or not, this is really the first access I've had to the net since my fateful decision to give up my dial-up service some time ago. And this journey won't last all that long either. I'm house sitting for a friend of mine in the great city of Winnipeg for the next week or so. Since I brought my laptop I thought I'd make full use of his wi-fi during this time. Hopefully, it will give me a chance to catch up on all the latest greatest threads here on the GPages, before I have to sink back into oblivion again.

So this is me saying hello for now. Looking forward to re-connecting to a least a few of y'all over the next several days. If you get a minute pop in and say howdy...


Long time,no see. Glad you decided to drop in. Some of the old crowd should be by any minute!


Welcome back General_Lee ! I wondered what had happened with you.


Welcome back General! How are you and how are things in Winterpeg?


Good to know you're still around.


Around? Actually, more a(round) than I'd like to be. Time marches on.

Thanks for the greetings guys. Wish I could say I've conquered the world since last we chatted, but alas my world conquering days are more behind than ahead I'm sorry to say. Still, the old boy isn't quite done yet!

I've been doing a lot of music the last year or so. Completed a classic country album (remember the great shuffle tunes of the 50s and 60s?) and am currently at work on an instrumental album featuring SRV type blues and some surf a la Ventures type material. Does "Slaughter on 10th Avenue" ring any bells? Besides that, I've been honing my solo jazz chops with a view in mind to do some lounge/restaurant gigging this summer. So I haven't exactly hung up my six strings just yet.

Beyond that, I've been keeping a very, very low (I mean extremely low) profile. Life in the country is nice but as Elmer Fudd might muse - it can be fvehry fvehry quiet. Lucky for me I've always been pretty good at keeping myself busy.

It's gratifying to know that some of you still remember me. It's a little weird to jump back in the pool after all this time, even for a short swim, but I'm already beginning to feel welcome again. Now where did BAX keep that coffee...


Great to see you back, General, and great to hear you have so many projects on the go.


Welcome back, General. Please try to find a way to check in more often.


Great to see you back, General Lee! You have been missed.....


Welcome back! I suspect that you will always be welcomed back. Try not to make it so long. You’ve had some good insights.


Hey there he is. Welcome back, at least for now. Glad to see your doing alright.


Nice to see you posting again, General . . . maybe you can make it a more-frequent habit?


Good to see ya posting again General !


hey gen lee...nice to see you make an appearance

we still chat about you everytime your b-day wishes thread pops up here yearly

keep pickin'...stay well



Yo Genlee; I have often wondered what became of you. And to think, it was only a modem!


Not so sure if I like being remembered as part of something old but just for the case you remember my screen name I'd like to say 'Hello!'

Discussions here are a little less controversial since you left and sometimes I miss that.



Good to see you back! If you're feeling nostalgic, here's a history of modem sounds...


Greetings from a fellow Canuck. Post some music for us to remember you by? :)


Nice to hear that you're still doing a lot of music. Keep playing these guitars.


Not so sure if I like being remembered as part of something old but just for the case you remember my screen name I'd like to say 'Hello!'

Discussions here are a little less controversial since you left and sometimes I miss that.


– sascha

c'mon have been here a long gotta be at least 85-90!!


what was it like before pickups??


kidding of course

another long valued member of the gdp!!



Gosh, it really does warm the heart to be re-greeted so warmly. I can tell you all that I have indeed missed being part of the great GDP community. It hasn't been for lack of trying that I have not had net access lo these past several years. If I told you of the ridiculous excuses I've been given by providers(?) for NOT being able to access a (reasonably priced) service, including cell phone options, you simply would not believe it. So until that day, my appearances here will continue to be sporadic at best. But maybe I'll try a bit harder to tag along more often. Meantime, I think I'll check out a few threads...

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