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Fall Philly Guitar Show Nov. 11,12 2017


I plan to go but Saturday morning looks like the best time for me.....


Probably not. Family stuff.


I hope to attend. Probably Saturday, but perhaps Sunday.



I've never been to a guitar show. How does it work? I assume you pay an entrance fee and listen to the vendors hawking their products. Can you demo stuff, or do they demo it for you? Are there deals to be had? Thanks.

P.S. Can I walk in with a pretty MIJ e-series strat and sell it?


Jopapa -- There is an entrance fee (I think it's usually $12 on Saturday, maybe $10 on Sunday -- ????)

Most vendors will let you try pretty much anything as long as you let them pick it up and hand it to you. Deals?? Yes, it's a matter of negotiating with the vendor(s).

You can take gear in and try to sell... You have to register the item when you go in. Typically people selling a guitar put a big label on the case stating what it is (NOT the price). Often vendors will reach out to you and offer to negotiate. Sometimes other attendees may inquire..... If you're selling an amp a dolly or cart is a good idea...

It is a big place and it gets crowded..........


Looks like I will be going..... I'll wear a green (Cadillac Green) Gretsch T-shirt..... If you see me, stop and say hello! Always fun to connect with GDP people!


Ok, thanks. $12 is a perfect price point.


Looks like I'll be wandering around the show today for a bit.. hope to see some folks there!


Hope others are enjoying the show. I found a Guild Newark Street Aristocrat for $600. Amazingly loud unplugged.


If anyone notices any vintage left-handed Gretsches, please post about it here (or text me if you have my number). I'm slightly overloaded with obligations this weekend and cannot justify attending unless I know something I particularly want is on the scene. I've only ever seen a couple of vintage lefty Gretsches at Philly over the years, so it's always a low-percentage shot for me.

Thanks! Paul/FF909


If anyone notices any vintage left-handed Gretsches *FF909

I saw NO left handed Gretsch guitars, vintage or new.


I'll be posting photos..... Very slow process now that Photoshop has abandoned me.... They keep offering me a new deal for only $99 per MONTH........


RichB555 -- Congratulations! Your got yourself a great guitar for a GREAT price! I didn't see any of those......



If anyone notices any vintage left-handed Gretsches *FF909

I saw NO left handed Gretsch guitars, vintage or new.

– senojnad

Thanks for checking for me! Much appreciated.

This keeps me from testing the new limit on my credit card.



RichB555, awesome! Great price! I was toying with going but ended up taking my nephew out for lunch and a movie for Veteran's Day. He served 2 tours in Iraq and is an all-around great kid.


Looking forward to the pics. Wish I could have gone.


Didn't take many pictures yesterday, but here's a few..


Someone walked in the door with this, and a dealer had just bought it when I snapped this as he was going to get cash for the seller


this rig was insane! Like brand new..both guitar and amp.. crazy.

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