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Good point, Danman. It's probably the most viewed Gretsch 6120 in the world! Let's honour it!

A t-shirt would also be cool.


I need a good pic of it, to replace the WF BTW:What about the shirt design by my daughter? Is there any acceptance? If not, she don't have to colorize it for another option.Feel free for bringin in other designs. But that has to happen ASAP in cause of promo.


Hello out there? I need feedback.ASAP!!!!!!!!


Hi Voodoo,

I'm by far no graphics expert but I generally like the white-on-black theme. Doesn't have to be coloured for me. Just some orange Gretsch / Roundup logo maybe.


Hi Voodoo, I have been very busy and away a lot. I'll try to find the image of the 6120 and send it to you tomorrow. Ok?

Sorry, that I didn't respond about the T shirt design. It's a nice drawing but I don't wear T shirts with something printed on it. So go ahead and do what you think is best!


Hey, I haven't checked in a few days. It's a nice drawing and I like the white on black also. Maybe the lines should be a bit thicker though to make it stand out.

I am (supposed to be) a graphic designer and did some t-shirt designs a couple of years ago. I'll see if I can find the time to draw something up.


BTW: The shirt design isn't the endproduct.Yesterday I've talked with the designer shop and they told me, that we can experiment there with the dimensions of the single elements, to make it perfect.It's my first e xperience with Photoshop.


Just to give an idea. I wait for a better dimensioned pic from Dan.


Sorry, I suddenly have to get a whole lot of work done and don't have time to take a better picture now. I think the Falcon will look just fine! ... ; )


Hi everybody. I'm about to book a train ticket. Is there a rough Roundup time schedule? When will you guys arrive? Check-in at Hotel Hoppe is from 4pm, so that's about the time I'm thinking of. Then meet at Rockland asap? And Sunday is waving good-bye only, right? It's quite a while from Berlin to Witten.


Hi Sascha,
I'm not exactly sure yet but my plan was to arrive around that time too on Friday, to avoid traffic jams.
As I understood we will be spending time in the guitar store Friday evening and Saturday the whole day? But I have no idea about the real schedule. I can imagine that some of us first meet at the hotel and then go there together. But we'll see. Around 4pm sounds like a good time to me. But perhaps some people have to work on Friday?


There's no fixed program for the Roundup.Up the street from Rockland is a Chinese Restaurant, where we can go out for diner. But if needed, we can make out a time for a meeting at the hotel on friday.So I can pick you up there and show the easy way to Rockland.


Thanks, guys! Meeting at the hotel and then stroll over to Rockland sounds fine.

I'll pick up my '58 Country Club from the luthier tomorrow and will bring this if you like.


Thanks, guys! Meeting at the hotel and then stroll over to Rockland sounds fine.

I'll pick up my '58 Country Club from the luthier tomorrow and will bring this if you like.

– sascha

Yes, bring the Country Club! Nice!


I guess, a lot of clubs will be there


The 'Club Club'.


Now it's official: TV JONES joins the Party , too !!!!


At the end: the official Poster for the event !!!


Hi guys. It's only a week from now until the Roundup. I'm sure this will be nice and we'll have a real good time.

Is there anything in advance to sort out? Are we just jamming or playing a few actual tunes (with singing) together? I'd love to do this. If we'd started earlier we even could've arranged some WTS/WTB/WTT action.

I'm looking forward meeting you!


Hi Sascha, perhaps it's a good idea to still start a post about the songs. The dutch side has been talking about that a little bit as we have a long history together. But I would love to play stuff with other people too! Just have been too busy to think about it or to actually practice.... ; )

Btw: I have some stuff that is up for grabs or to add to a raffle or whatever. Two cowboy necklace thingies, a Gretsch license plate and two key things to hang around your neck.


I am also looking forward for the weekend.

Voodooholly: Besides being at Rockland, can we still make use of the band room close by the hotel? And do we have the chance to make a fire for the "G"-brand iron that Joe would bring with him? Then we could organize the wooden planks for the branding. Is there anything else that could be done?

For the songs, I would list a few later on that I like to sing.


Hi blueflame. Rockland has a seperate space which will become our rehearsal room. I'm sure we can clarify everything else on Friday so we can have a fantastic fully packed Saturday. Yes, please list your songs here. It's great to have some more singers! 4 more days to go...


Hi Sascha. Do you know if we will also be able to use the room after the shop has closed on Saturday? And what about friday evening? Thanks, Roman

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