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Performance time at Roundups isn't all that important for me, Powdog, as I get plenty of that on my own with my duo. I do always enjoy seeing others performing and getting their licks in, however.


Now that we have the difficulty in uploading photographs resolved, here is a photograph of the eyeglasses which were found as we tore down gear. They were found stage left (on the right as you are facing the stage area). They are clearly designed for allowing someone to read or see things close up. I did speak with Parabar and, while he had some readers over there that he was using, these are not his as he made it home with his in hand.

If these are your glasses, please contact me or post something in the thread here so that we can make arrangements to return them to you. Powertronman Tom, please reach out to your mate, Mark, to see if they belong to him since he was over there in that general area for most of the Roundup and he doesn't frequent the GDP much to have the chance to see this thread. Thanks.


They look like my Target off the shelf pack of three for $15 glasses! I don't use them too much so forgot I even took them out of my car. Mystery solvedDon't worry about sending them to me Bob, I have 2 more where that came from.


Okay, mate. That will be the order of the day. Glad that that mystery is solved.


Heres a vid of Scott doing his thing.

– LA_Manny

Such a pleasure listening to Scott.


Well, Sarah, if you and Vicki were to attend again next year, it would certainly increase the enjoyment quotient. Hope that you can make it next year, particularly now that we have located it closer to Southern California. It is close enough now where the Emperor of the Inland Empire might even be able to conveniently attend.

– Ric12string

I certainly hope so! It's agony being so close and yet so far. I think I'll get a Mason jar and start putting my quarters in it.


It is only about $15 a month to save up.

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