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Country Club - New To Gretsch - New To The Forum!


Greetings, all! My name is Phil and I became the proud owner of a 2019 Country Club (G6196T-59GE) a few weeks back. She's a beauty! I can't wait to gig with her once that becomes a thing again. I've been playing since '95 and have been pining for a Gretsch for several years now. Feels great to finally be part of the club!

I've e-mailed Tim at Tru-Arc about possibly replacing the Space Control bridge. He was super helpful so I feel like I'm going to give that a shot!

Well, just wanted to say hey - everyone have a great day!


Welcome aboard Phil!

Gorgeous geet sir,congrats.


Welcome aboard, Phil! That’s a serious machine.


Welcome to the cool factor that is Cadillac green.

It's one sweet ride-- congrats, and enjoy that beauty.


Welcome aboard! Nice guitar!


Welcome, Phil! Sweet Axe!


Great guitar. You will doubtless find the Tru-Arc to be superior to the stock bridge. Enjoy!


Congratulations on your GORGEOUS Country Club!! A Fabulous guitar, one that has been on my bucket list for more years than I care to admit. The stars just haven't aligned for me.......

Great choice on the Tru-Arc! ALL of my electric guitars now feature Tru-Arc Serpentunes. I've often pondered coming up with a way to install one on my Martin D-42... But that's not likely in the cards.........


Sure like mine!

– Proteus

I picked up a Chet wire arm today as well! How do you like it compared to a standard Bigsby arm?

After the Chet arm and the Tru Arc, I won’t mess with her anymore!


Much better than the stock butterknife. It's more positive in action, with less loss of energy in the arm itself, and it's easy to position the end where you want it without the arm itself being the way. The ability to adjust the rotation of the arm in the bracket is also a good thing.

I also really like the cast "Duane Eddy" arm, which is even a little stiffer and more positive.

But the Chet arm just looks so cool I can't resist it.


Sure like mine!

– Proteus

Is it bad that I'm just now realizing there is a car in this picture?


Congrats on your new axe and welcome to all things Gretsch! I have two wire (Chet) arms. The older one is flat and the newer one is 'crooked'. The newer one is on my Gibson Gent and works but my older, flatter one works best on my '72 Super Chet. That one doesn't have the extra step up at the end. Can't find these around anymore.

Glad to see another space control bridge hit the circular file!


Is it bad that I'm just now realizing there is a car in this picture?

– Phidelity

You mean the actual Cadillac? Naw... it's not really there...


Nice, that guitar will be a beast! Big ol box with Filtertrons, you can’t go wrong!


Thanks for making a guy feel welcome, everyone!

About to put in my order with Tim at Tru-Arc. Going with brass, can’t wait!


Wonderful guitar, good choice of guitar, model, Bigsby handle, bridge and forum. Welcome to the madness!


The Chet Wire Arm is The Best for a Bigsby. I have installed them on ALL of my electric guitars, along with Tru Arc Serpentune brdges.........

You are thinking all the right things!


Congrats on the Club. I’m a fan of the Chet wire myself although my Club doesn’t have one. Adding a Tru-Arc is a great idea.


Hello, Phil, welcome to the GDP (Gretsch Discussion Pages), and congratulations on your beautiful new guitar! I joined the 'madness' about three years ago, and I now have two amazing Gretsch guitars. I only wish I would have discovered Gretsch forty years ago. I would have avoided a lot of expensive other big name guitars, that I almost never play anymore. I have a 5422 hollow body and a 6131 Firebird Duo Jet, and between the two, they cover just about everything I need them to do. I would like to upgrade to a 6120-59, so I need to pursuade Mrs. Wade H that it's a necessity!


Welcome! and congrats on owning what I think is the coolest Gretsch guitar - a Country Club!! Ask these guys - I'm the resident Country Club nut. Unfortunately, the thinner necks modern Gretsches have nowadays, has made them less than comfortable playability-wise for me in the past several years, so I had to say bye-bye to my last 'Club (a '59 Reissue like yours), a few years ago. Any Country Clubs I get, will have to be of the vintage variety (and I'm still kicking myself for "snoozing and losing" on buying a '68 Country Club I inquired about, that Chicago Music Exchange had in my price range last summer, that had just enough heft to its neck, to work for me), which means saving my pennies.

BTW, if you like your dirt tones, don't be afraid to crank up the gain on your amp for some grinding tones from your Country Club. I can assure you from first hand experience, that with the right amp settings, and by staying on top of the feedback (something I learned how to do in the 90s, when I used to play a Howard Roberts Fusion in a heavy rock band, that played a fair amount of metal), you can even metal out with a Country Club - and I don't mean just Malcolm Young AC/DC tones. And hard driving alt-rock on played with a 'Club? Oh yeah!!

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